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  1. Fire Force


    Good to see tasteful weapons on the Arnies gallery for once!
  2. Why not? Might make people think a little bit!
  3. Of course I won't use an M4! What an abomination of a rifle! If it's anything less than .30 caliber, I don't care about it!
  4. Ha! If it was $80, I'd buy five of them!
  5. Not a troll. Why would you pay $80 to fix the charging handle when it doesn't actually do anything on the gun? Seems quite odd to me. I understand that it's nice to have a fully functional gun but $80 is like 11% of what you paid for the gun to begin with... seems asinine. edit: Scratch that... for some reason I read the $80 as being the cost of the charging handle. Lol.
  6. Eh, I just can't see myself owning a pistol whose real caliber is smaller than the airsoft caliber.... :{
  7. Eh, that's quite a bit for something that has no function....
  8. It's a bit tighter tolerances than the WE M1911A1. I noticed that as well on my 1911. It's really wobbly and the loose construction kind of got to me at first. I got used to it though, and then when I went to shoot my real M1911A1, it felt really weird shooting a 1911 that was well-built. Lol.
  9. I thought pot metal was just the cheapest alloy, a bunch of crappy metal melted and die cast... am I wrong??!
  10. Several guys run this platform at my local field and they've had mixed feelings about it. Personally, I think the realism of gas blowback is awesome -- but it severely handicaps you against people using AEGs, etc.
  11. A guy at the local field has one of these, and I must say that it is excellent.
  12. Used my Hi-Power at a game yesterday and got two kills with it... both on tasteless people using SCAR-Ls and M4s with ACU camo. I was decked out as a 5 Commando Congo Mercenary and it felt quite good to shoot them. :Lol.
  13. P-p-p-pot metal. What do you expect?!
  14. Can't argue taste. I just feel like a Walt wearing all this modern gear Also, frogfish, just curious where one does serious mountaineering, climbing, and backpacking in the city of Houston. I'm from the Spring/Tomball area and there are certainly no mountains within 100 square miles of Houston, Texas. Genuinely curious.
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