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  1. Very nice review! Been itching for someone to make a decent version (even if it is the 2nd)... Are the sights totally fixed or removable?
  2. That was interesting... I sometimes found stock weapons tended to be more accurate but less powerful, but I always thought it was my imagination...
  3. I'm so getting one of these... Is that a sling point at the back I see?
  4. Nice review Although I got a bit confused when you said you refilled the mag with air in the first part lol Just wondering if the TM 1911A1 mags would be compatable?
  5. Well here's mine... not sure what setting to use on my cam to get the details out
  6. AngryTrucker


    random stuff
  7. Thought I might as well share my Python with you guys.... I added a threaded barrel for those sneaky-sneaky moments
  8. Hey, what kind of sling is that? BTW verrrrry nice work
  9. Wow Looks like a Carbine version of the "LawGiver"
  10. Shame that they are always out of stock
  11. ok thanks! I suddenly have the urge to hose more money on guns.... strange....
  12. hey, nice translation Looks like an interesting gun to try out but maybe have to tweak it a little first....
  13. It doesn't need to be modded to run on green right?
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