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  1. Snigel, hate you. Need that laser, baad. Where did you buy it? Is it possible to get one in IR?
  2. Yes i can handle it. The std. motor is pretty week, so i wouldent be worryied about 11,1v. Im using 12v on mine, still going strong after 75.000 bbs.
  3. Clockwork, thats really amazing. What is it with you and crazy pistols/revolvers?
  4. Damn, now i need that UltiMak rail. Looks amazing.
  5. It looks better than i thought, using a Rail mount and a non russian scope. Guess it would look even better with a M1 scope
  6. Looks like a DD M4a1 RIS II. Real SpecterDR? Beautiful build...
  7. No. The switch on the PEQ light is a copy of Insights, and the scoutlights is a copy of Surefires, witch is threaded and screws in to the flashlight.
  8. Have anyone tried using hpa on the M14?
  9. What do you guys think about the Houge grip?
  10. Dave, i would skip the tan panels on the rail. Makes the gun seem very bulky. Do you have a silencer for the gun?
  11. Damn, dont like to see the... Orderbutton looks soo tempting...
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