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  1. Slide goes on OK, and easy to position correctly. It's all a question of swinging the take-down lever into locked position. The cam inside the frame that the lever controls is hitting against something on the underside of the slide--either the end of the recoil guide or the front of the underside of the chamber. When it was finally "just so" the lever swung back up easily. It doesn't seem like something you can force--it's either all in alignment or not.
  2. Yes. But the funny thing is that on most retail sites, the grey frame version is listed as being for Sale in Asia Only. (So one of the non-Asia version is for sale in Asia only?!?!) The box mine came in also has that on a label stuck to the front of it. (Thankfully, at least one web-retailer is willing to ignore these things.) Also, strangely, both the VP9 and the PPQ boxes came with little Gun Heaven hologram stickers on them.
  3. I tried every angle of that cam that the take-down lever controls. Completely horizontal, and slightly angled in both directions. Finally it was a question of holding the slide back under tension (not quite locked on the slide lock), aligning the tiny cut-out on the slide to the round base of the take-down level, and then with my third hand pushing the tip of the spring guide back and forth while simultaneously trying to return the lever to the locked position.
  4. Just acquired the grey-framed version. On the left side of the frame it's got CARL WALTHER / ULM/DO. And further back I Warnhinweise beahten On the right side it's pretty naked. No FAP+serial number on chamber/ejection port or the slide. Frame has a white printed F in a hexagon and further forward Cal. 6mm BB. That's all. Serial number on the back of the frame, just under the slide. Does not come with any exchangeable backstraps. Was there ever a version with a working loaded/cocked indicator? (Or am I confusing with the P99?) Racking it a few times, the slide ha
  5. Just received the grey frame/"tactical" version. I can confirm: long sequence of numbers on chamber/ejection port and repeated beneath it on the slide are completely missing. In very small white print on right side of frame just above picatinny rail, added text Licensed Trademark of Heckler & Koch GmbH Most else seems the same. Red dot "pistol cocked" indicator works as advertised. On the example I received, it was a real struggle to get the slide back on to the frame. The spring guide needed a lot of wiggling and jiggling to allow the take-down lever to return to locked
  6. You gotta show us the red dot sight mount, hugging the top plate.
  7. Upcoming holidays in HK. May 1. May 3. Doubt much will be happening May 2.
  8. Is anyone else's internet currently flagging ehobbyasia as afflicted by some kind of malware?
  9.   ...or grip tape cut and shaped to original TM grip:  
  10. I wonder if anyone will do a version of the Second Generation.
  11. Perhaps the little baggy contains the original parts, and they already installed the Crusader ones... How will you know???
  12. I wonder how much heavier the steel slide is than the previous after-market parts in aluminum. How's the performance with whatever gas you're using?
  13. It may well be that TM refreshed recent production runs of the standard black version after the improvements incorporated in the V-c, but I have no way of confirming that.
  14. V-custom represents a revision by TM over the original release (in black). V-c has better internals and clears up problems that the original had, to the point that you arguably don't need any of the UAC internal "upgrades". The V-c sights are decent too. I spent a lot of time on the 'net and youtube before I bought mine; there's plenty of feedback out there.
  15. $119.50 http://www.rainbow8.com/products/marui-m-p9-pistol-gbb And lots of after-market parts.
  16. CA seems to be making three series, ARS2, ARS3 and ARS4. Anyone know what the basic differences are?
  17. For a really nice smooth and durable finish, just go cerakote. They have a wide range of tan colors...
  18. Echigoya USA has them but they're very expensive. Echigoya Japan has them, as do Rainbow8 and probably other places.
  19. Didn't they start years ago making a replacement hop-up chamber for the Masada?
  20. mimesis


  21. Guarder expands its offering again.
  22. If anyone's looking for more mags, Airsoft Atlanta found a cache of NOS in both black and tan. When they're gone, they're gone...
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