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  1. Apparently there's another model with a better mount in the works. http://jjairsoft.hk/#
  2. Here's the other metal kit that's in the pipeline. http://www.crw-airsoft.com/pre-order-limited-edition-de-2016-xix-l6-aluminium-kit--steel-parts-for-marui-de-by-robinhood-tactical-taiwan-11236-p.asp
  3. I've had three shipments from R8 in the last few months. In each case, chose the "intermediate" shipping option (not fastest, not slowest). Shipment #1 took over 3 weeks; ##2 and 3 came through in about 10 days each. Go figure.
  4. Rainbow8 has some kind of direct connection with Guarder. Check all their DE stuff right on their home page. http://www.rainbow8.com/
  5. I really wanted the regular 5" slide, rather than any of the variants with cut-outs.* The only place that still had it in stock was KIC, and with their exchange rate and shipping, I ended up paying through the nose. Cerakote=burnt bronze. The underlying hues are "warm" in the burnt bronze and "cool" in the color of the frame; in retrospect I should probably have got it done too. The left side safety annoyed me because it obstructed getting to the slide release. When I discovered the right-side one had the long axle and the detent mechanism, I decided to leave it (best of both worlds
  6. TM V-TAC donor, Detonator slide, Nebula frame, UAC internals, SAPH springs...
  7. Some people were experiencing a lot of resistance from the striker when the back-moving slide pushed it down, and likewise a less-than-great trigger pull. But I've got to think that that was more on the original black M&P9 rather than the V-Custom model. The UAC mods, the new striker, the new sear, and the sear spring, are designed to alleviate those problems--if they exist. The sear spring is definitely very light weight compared to the beefiness of the original TM spring. But... if the mods don't even work--if the striker won't even catch on the sear--then the "improvements" become m
  8. Trigger parts or hammer parts? BTW, can anyone specify exactly what the differences are in the internals of the original TM black M&P9 and the later tan V-Custom model?
  9. Back to original striker, sear, striker spring and sear spring. Watching this video, he talks about and demonstrates a resistance of the sear to the striker shortly before the sear engages with the cocking mechanism. But I just don't feel it on mine. Pushing down the striker with my thumb is fairly easy, and while it's not a hair trigger, it breaks fairly easily. After the problem I had with the fitment of the nozzle inside the BBU (filing required), gotta wonder about the on-going quality control of UAC's machining--thinking particularly of the catchiness/non-smoothness of the travel o
  10. UAC woes. So I installed the trigger group and the hammer/striker and sear set. Hmmm. The sear does not slide smoothly in its groove, and the special smaller/weaker spring supplied by UAC does not seem to push it back strongly enough. Even when I reinstalled the TM original spring, I couldn't get the sear to engage with the catch on the striker more than occasionally, and never when the whole thing was installed in the frame. I may end up going back to all-original. The SAPH hammer spring is 150% and while that isn't--as far as I can see--the problem (the movement of the sear plate is
  11. I got mine from here, but I must have cleaned them out. Good selection of other SA stuff, though. http://shop.impactforcecqb.com/
  12. SA Production House (SAPH) makes a separate recoil spring, if you don't want to duplicate the guide rod. http://www.dentrinityshop.com/pr_details.jsp?pid=19114 I've just fitted one.
  13. Guarder's latest.
  14. OK, so egg on my face. What I thought was the roll pin-like end of the pin that secures the rocket valve, was actually a microscopic hex socket, and the "ribbing" on the pin is of course actually threading. Despite my hammering, I was fortunately still able to get enough purchase on the hex socket hole with the tip of a watchmaker's screwdriver to unscrew the pin. Hopefully, somebody with benefit from my blunder. P.S. here's the one instruction/warning they provide, about the "scoket set screw": http://www.uacofficial.com/product/tokyo-marui/aluminum-loading-nozzle-for-tm-m
  15. Help! Removing the pin that holds the rocket valve in place, in the UAC aluminum loading nozzle. I can't make it budge. On one side the pin is flat, whereas on the other side the end of it looks more like a roll pin (tiny hole in the center). Looking into the nozzle, the entire pin seems to have raising ribbing right along it. Getting the pin out of the TM nozzle was hard enough--no indication that one end (hidden) has that raised/textured tip, so that you're supposed to hammer out from the other side. I've tried significant force on the UAC and am getting concerned that I will def
  16. Eye relief on ACOGs is always an issue, and I see you've got yours really cozied up to the rear sight. I had to take a hacksaw to the back of the mount on my ACOG to get it to sit that far back...
  17. Boy, he really eased/radiused every edge/angle, didn't he...
  18. mimesis

    CZ Picture Thread

    CZ-USA Cocobolo RS grips on KJ Transferred to SP-01 Shadow
  19. Hmmm, must have been unlucky. The two protruding locating rails on each side of the nozzle would not go past those little vertical raised lugs that connect the upper and lower parts of the BBU. Jiggling the nozzle around, I could see where the anodizing was coming off the inside/back of the lugs. It's free now, but metal on metal doesn't seem to make for the smoothest to-and-fro motion.
  20. Curious as to your experience with how smoothly the nozzle travels back and forth inside the BBU. Just got mine and had to do a little filing on the inside of those raised lugs that seem to connect upper and lower "rails" of the BBU, just to get the nozzle to fit into it.
  21. Screw the immaculate build, how do you get such perfect photos without a single speck of dust? Surfaces look praeternaturally clean, together with the fantastic lighting...
  22. DenTrinity seems to have everything you need: http://www.dentrinityshop.com/pr_list.jsp?cid=OTA&bid=RSG
  23. Thanks!! Impressive. So, the hammer and sear set works OK in this build? Didn't you have problems with them before?
  24. OK, give us the low-down on the innards.
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