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  1. Installed Windows 8.1 recently. I think as part of the update, it installed IE 11.
  2. Same problem here. I can click on the Link or Image buttons, but nothing will copy into the slot in the window that opens, plus I can't close the little window. I have to use the backspace button. Also, perhaps related, when I click on Quote or MultiQuote, nothing copies into the reply space. I'm using IE 11 with Windows 8.1 P.S. tried added arniesairsoft to compatibility mode in IE11, and it didn't make any difference.
  3. Tokyo Model Company have more TM parts than the average store. They might be able to help. If not, Pulse (Japan) can very likely help... for a price.
  4. I have a G&P 4x ACOG. The eye relief was so bad, I removed the optic from the base, hacksawed a bit off the base, and reinstalled the optic, all so I could mount it one notch closer to the BUIS. In an ideal world it would be hanging well over the charging handled. (Well, in an ideal world, it would have decent eye relief...)
  5. Yes, absolutely. Hop needs to be back to zero to avoid messing up bucking, nub, etc. etc.
  6. I built out the DMR with the separate parts. When I went to install the new barrel, the gun wouldn't feed at all. On inspection, I found this: Original left, new right. Amazing that perhaps 0.5mm of difference in where the bucking landed caused the problem. Notice also the reduced chamfering on the "hip". Swopping over some parts from the original barrel to the 18" solved the problem. Resulting in this.
  7. Because of market penetration in the US. Some crazy percentage of all handguns owned in the US are Glocks.
  8. There's a whole thread about them http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/207866-replica-trijicon-srs/?hl= srs
  9. If the front sight has not broken, when you put the front sight on/into the slide, two small parts at the base of it stick through into the slide. Looking at the inside of the slide (upside down), that piece slides along and secures the front sight. The piece needs to be flat against the inside of the top of the slide. I forget whether it slides on from the back of the gun or the front. I'm guessing the back. Press the piece firmly against the "roof" of the slide and slide it firmly between the two "legs" on the bottom of the front sight that are projecting into the inside of the
  10. Madbull Omega X with mounting barrel nut. As just pointed out, the metric thread on the Madbull nut is unlikely to be happy with the imperial thread on the G&P receiver. Given that the RIS II nut is not that different from the Omega, conceivably the Omega might fit on the G&P RIS II nut, but I'd want to hear first from someone who had done it.
  11. This real-steel example seems about right.
  12. Thanks for the info guys! Just what I was looking for. So in theory Nova is incorrect in calling it a Combat Commander (or at least that's how RW has it listed on their website). Right?
  13. Has anyone identified exactly which model of Commander Nova has copied? The Combat Commander should I believe have that text written on the slide, where Nova has Commander Model. Commander Model followed by large caps COLT is reminiscent of the XSE, but of course everything else is wrong. The rear-only vertical slide serrations are right for the Combat Commander, as they are for other pre-XSE versions (e.g. 1991). From the photos, it's hard to make out exactly what the rear sight is that Nova is supplying. R.S. Combat Commander for reference.
  14. Doesn't this ^^^ belong in the 2011 picture thread?
  15. Nova does, but it's severely out of date. So it's of limited use. http://www.nova-product.com/main.html DenTrinity are the people behind SD, so it's just best to look on their website. If you explore, you'll find special categories dedicated to SD stuff. Like this. http://www.dentrinityshop.com/pl_cos_acc_shooters_DPA.jsp
  16. This is going to be very difficult. When I was doing my MOD0 build, about three years ago, I scoured the interwebs for a real-steel swan sleeve, and didn't find a single one. Not the original classic design, that is. They are long gone. You might find one used. A couple of websites listed them, but when I contacted them, they were completely O/S. Someone can probably confirm (or contradict), but my impression was that the modern versions were not compatible with the classic tubes (size, hole placement for bolts, etc.). That being said, the Classic Army swan sleeve, that CA sold se
  17. As I remember, SG was using VFC to make their AEGs. Definitely not MB.
  18. Who makes those individual rail covers, that look a bit like Larue index clips but are wider?
  19. mimesis


    Free-float forearm is the real steel Apex Gator Grip. Scope is Leapers, similar to this: http://www.leapers.com/prod_detail.php?mitem=optic&level1=Parallax_Adjustable&level2=SWAT_AO&itemno=SCP3-U312AOIEW&status=&mtrack=2m1 I'm fond of scopes with adjustable objectives.
  20. My understanding has always been that when STI eliminated the grip as an integral part of the lower frame, and instead screwed on the double-stack-capable polymer grip, the true 2011 was born. That makes the P-O a kind of "missing link", but one ultimately closer to the 1911 (take off the side grip panels and compare its frame to that of a classic 1911).
  21. That's what I'm thinking. Either something in the licensing agreement, or a "safety" issue. Pity. Looks as if it would behoove anyone especially interested to import from a HK seller rather than buying locally.
  22. Yup, spoke too soon. Forum has again slowed to the pace of a gouty tortoise. Access totally impossible an hour ago.
  23. Absolutely! Mount (2 parts, upper and lower) fits over standard barrel nut (delta ring style), then tube locates on mount. Very light and rock solid. For this build, preferred the design and style over the Samson. R.s. parts fittted perfectly on G&P AEG nut. Haven't seen this free-float on an airsoft rifle before...
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