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  1. Yes, it's "name that forearm" time again.
  2. At the risk of speaking too soon, since the reboot yesterday afternoon, the site for me is back to normal, responding promptly and with no problems of access to the forum.
  3. Look at how Madbull is describing the MFR for the US market. Package includes: - (1) MFR 12.0 Free Float Hand Guard with Mounting Hardware - (3) 3” Modular Picatinny Rail Sections with Mounting Hardware - (1) Hardened Steel Barrel Nut - (4) Set Screws Features: - Fully licensed by Daniel Defense - Free floating design that enhances accuracy* - Black anodize (Real steel is Military level III hard coat with Teflon coating) - Blocked gas pipe tunnel to prevent mis-use on real guns - Free Floating Barrel Design - Light Weight - T6-6061 Aluminum Construction - Uninterrupted Upper Rail Platfor
  4. I don't know if this matches other people's experience, but the last 2-3 days the site has generally been very slow to load, and several times I've got "the server is too busy" messages, and the site has been inaccessible for a while. EDIT: sorry about the double post. Ironically, I actually got the "server busy" message again just after I hit the "post" button, and I was unable to get back on here for about an hour. I had no idea it had posted (twice).
  5. I don't know if this matches other people's experience, but the last 2-3 days the site has generally been very slow to load, and several times I've got "the server is too busy" messages, and the site has been inaccessible for a while.
  6. mimesis


    One is never enough.
  7. The issue is what kind of barrel nut is on the TM. If it's older style it might not be real-steel type. R-s style has the sprocket-like teeth all the way round. Once the back end of the handguard engages with them, and is held in place by the delta ring, there should be no rotation. The biggest function of the handguard cap at the front is to provide horizontal tension--achieved by getting the gas block in just the right spot for the length of the handguards you're using.
  8. Perhaps this design (making it impossible rather than just mildly inconvenient) was a condition that Madbull had to fulfil in order to get the license for the rails.
  9. mimesis

    CZ Picture Thread

    Nice finish on the metal! Any hints on how you achieved that?
  10. mimesis

    CZ Picture Thread

    Yes, and now come it's silver? The two KWC models aren't, right?
  11. Go to local car stereo install store. Beg for scraps from recent installs.
  12. If the outer barrel is too snug fore and aft, it will not "duck down" properly when the slide starts to cycle backwards. Of course, excessive slop is slop, but it doesn't want to be tight either.
  13. At the risk of being a broken record, aren't these the people who won't send Glocks to the US (even puttied over and/or split into parts)? I would speculate that this is the reason why they're one of the few, if not the only, webseller who still has these things in stock.
  14. The AR-15 version haven't been released yet, but it's coming. And a study in contrasts.
  15. WE sells this. I'm not sure what you'd call it.
  16. "Likes" are still not showing up, BTW.
  17. 4.3 that would be more commanderish if I felt like taking a dremel to the nice SD slide.
  18. As per the G&G F2000, I always though the problem was the length of the rectangular housing where the spring for the BB retention part sits. Some brands of mag already have the housing shorter than others. If it's too long, you can take a dremel to it, so long as the plastic is not too thin.
  19. The "custom" versions exist(ed) in green and tan. http://echigoya-guns.com/guns/index.php?route=product/product&path=51&product_id=121 http://echigoya-guns.com/guns/index.php?route=product/product&path=51&product_id=120
  20. The G&G had exactly this problem, and the solution was the same too. Except it was a bulge on the gearbox housing for a screw that was interfering with the spring housing on top of the magazine.
  21. Yup. Me too. Exactly the same happening (or rather, not happening).
  22. I seem to remember that it was discovered a while back that KIC wouldn't ship trademarked Glocks to the US.
  23. Just look at the Masada: great externals, average performance, lowish reliability. Has anyone ever bought a Masada exclusively because they were looking for something rock solid or that could outperform the opposition? It seems to me the PDR has gone down more or less exactly the same path. If you're willing to do some modding on top of a highish asking price, then perhaps you end up with a gun that works and looks great. But it doesn't reflect well on PTS's business model.
  24. Early adopters = beta testers.
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