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  1. Need to spray up a P226 that's currently two tone, any idea on the best spray paint? I assume black Krylon?
  2. Just a heads up, I don't think the spec is right on these, it ended up cracking the slide on my KJW, but that was a plastic slide so of you have the metal it should be fine.
  3. How do you find the Clipdraw?
  4. That does sound easy, I'll have to keep an eye out for one!
  5. How hard is it to swap the sights?
  6. What's the idea with having the hand stops on both sides?
  7. And the rattle trying to run with one, you'd sound like a skeleton in a biscuit tin.
  8. Holy Jesus that's incredible. How did you do the weathering?
  9. How is the disassembly? My Eli one has broken and I'm not sure what the problem is
  10. Who the hell needs help putting bullets in a mag?
  11. I waited about 45 minutes between the coats of brown, but the black goes on smeary and dries fairly quick as long as it's a sunny day. Don't get put off if the black looks too strong at first, rubbing it in the gravel takes the darkness off nicely.
  12. I got that as a full length but found it too unwieldy for my T. Rex arms, swapped it out with the shorty folder. The technique is easy actually, it has to be for me to do it. I spray all parts with normal B&Q nut brown spray paint, about two coats, nice and even. Then using cheap as possibly black spray paint (I use poundlands auto spray), spray it onto some kitchen towel from close distance until it just starts to run, then use the towel to make long streaks of black down the stock. This makes e wood grain effect. To blend it in I gave it a good rub with some shoe polishing c
  13. Cos I'm proud of it, I'll just post this all over
  14. Another day, another Cyma trishot, another worn wood paintjob. Seals in the Nam this time round.
  15. How do you keep the beebs in? Or is it a case of not aiming downwards at any time?
  16. I've always wondered, what is that knurled bit just above the markings?
  17. My little contribution, picked up for a very slow going UKSF loadout. Got a ways to go yet, needs a rear sight fitting and a respray, but for saying it was £25 from the Action Hobbies boneyard, and just needed assembling and lubing to work, I can't complain.
  18. More plastic toy posing...
  19. New toy, first Glock I've owned, not to bad for the price. KJW G23
  20. They're great mate, neither of mine have given me any gyp yet!
  21. Ain't rubber, it's about as hard as the Cold Steel polypropylene stuff as far as I can tell. Not sure if I'd be allowed it on site, ain't asked yet.
  22. Still think we need a Melee Weapons thread... 3D printed karambit, apparently the United Cutlery Honshu model.
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