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    Live and was raised in Essex. Went to school in deepest and darkest Suffolk.

    Currently at University at Teesside University.

    Bit of fitness and health nerd, I do many crazy sports and pastimes airsoft just being one of them.

    Qualified sailing dinghy Instructor, into road cycling, running, climbing, hiking and "camping- properly, wannabe bear grylls style " and skydiving!

    Have done alot of long distance kayaking and a bit of rowing in the past.

    Need/Want to get into milsim airsoft.....

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  1. Is fed up with majority of "airsoft video" reviews. Apparently listing the product specification then rambling on about other nonsense counts as a review.

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    2. FireKnife


      A gun porn video is fine, if it is in HD and you are looking to appeal to other collectors. But i think Banshee is picking up on the ones that are done by people with no word skills that have no clue about the gun in general so just use the stats off the web :P

    3. Azubi


      Make it clear in the title that it is a review aimed at collectors. When I am searching for reviews it is to see how it holds up in games, sadly you very rarely get that. There is a place for a review based on realistic looks, etc. but it's worth stating that.

    4. NonEx


      Yeh, I guess I will call my stuff overview instead of review, that is more fair, but still it would provide good contents but not the full spectrum.


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