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    Live and was raised in Essex. Went to school in deepest and darkest Suffolk.

    Currently at University at Teesside University.

    Bit of fitness and health nerd, I do many crazy sports and pastimes airsoft just being one of them.

    Qualified sailing dinghy Instructor, into road cycling, running, climbing, hiking and "camping- properly, wannabe bear grylls style " and skydiving!

    Have done alot of long distance kayaking and a bit of rowing in the past.

    Need/Want to get into milsim airsoft.....

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  1. Parcel Force clearance fee. Can I get out of paying it? Can't find the thread that explain how.

    1. hitmanNo2


      If you prepay the charges irc but that means you will avoid the chance of not paying anything at all.

    2. PureSilver


      I used to get stung every time. I stopped using EMS and haven't been caught yet, so for next time, I'd avoid that. Otherwise, nope, the ParcelFarce trap is already sprung.

    3. Mikhailthejackal
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