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  1. Parcel Force clearance fee. Can I get out of paying it? Can't find the thread that explain how.

    1. hitmanNo2


      If you prepay the charges irc but that means you will avoid the chance of not paying anything at all.

    2. PureSilver


      I used to get stung every time. I stopped using EMS and haven't been caught yet, so for next time, I'd avoid that. Otherwise, nope, the ParcelFarce trap is already sprung.

    3. Mikhailthejackal
  2. Where's the thread tha

  3. Bladerunner may I ask how much did it cost you including import, shipping, etc?
  4. Is fed up with majority of "airsoft video" reviews. Apparently listing the product specification then rambling on about other nonsense counts as a review.

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    2. FireKnife


      A gun porn video is fine, if it is in HD and you are looking to appeal to other collectors. But i think Banshee is picking up on the ones that are done by people with no word skills that have no clue about the gun in general so just use the stats off the web :P

    3. Azubi


      Make it clear in the title that it is a review aimed at collectors. When I am searching for reviews it is to see how it holds up in games, sadly you very rarely get that. There is a place for a review based on realistic looks, etc. but it's worth stating that.

    4. NonEx


      Yeh, I guess I will call my stuff overview instead of review, that is more fair, but still it would provide good contents but not the full spectrum.

  5. Are the male fastex buckles on the rear for attaching a pack? (If so which pack?)
  6. Does anyone have a Glock with RMR? I want one but have no idea where to look.

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    2. Banshee_Will


      Ah. So I docotor sight would work you say....

    3. aznriptide859


      Yea it will, as well as the MRDS.

    4. Banshee_Will


      But how will I get a cool guy Safariland 6345 DO?


      I will have to use a crye gunclip!


      I still want a glock.

  7. Is going to RAW colchester tommorrow!

  8. How much do SAPI plates weigh?

    1. hitmanNo2


      Depends on the size. From 1.27 kg to 2.40 kg. With ESAPI being heavier still.

    2. evansy
    3. Banshee_Will


      That will work! Thanks. I have filled my TS SAPI with sand and they are true to weight now.

  9. Is still broken from Saturday! My back looks like I was mauled by a cheetah.

  10. I hate the crye elbow pads with a passion. As soon as you layer it they become useless and stop the jacket moving around naturally.
  11. Double post: Does anyone have any pictures of the paraclete FLC? (With and without pouches)
  12. Looks more like a SOHPC. The shoulder pads give it away.
  13. I'm interested in a kitlist. What's the carbiner for?
  14. You will probably only get three taco's on the front panel of the vest. Well an M4 magazine its always the same thickness, so the difference will be only slight between the two set ups as its just the thickness of the nylon gear...... It comes down to you really as double m4s would be cheaper than tacos. Have you thought about a 6094k? That's a 6094 front panel that has double mag pouches sown in, just another option.
  15. Now with "realstic battle damage". The scar is from a sniper pellet........ (I think) I only noticed at the end of the weekend, when I wore the helmet for about 15 hours straight. I'm going to re spray as I don't like the emerson factory finish but I need some more khaki/tan krylon. EDIT: Changed the grammer and sentance structure as it was confusing.
  16. Looks sweet. SCAR L/MK16 isn't used anymore which is why you don't see pictures of it. Are your mast kits the z tactial ones?
  17. Richard Y I sent you a message about sending my gun to your for some work via the website the other day but I haven't heard anything back yet. Thanks.
  18. Anyone used the "Door mine/Booby trap" for sale on airsoft world? Was it any good?

    1. Vice


      I have one of the 12guage ones. Very good. Bit loud though :)

    2. Banshee_Will


      That one uses .25 cal thanks for the answer. The one on there site is only a tenner.

  19. Do timed BFG still exist? I can only find impact ones.

    1. Reppyboyo


      They can be found second hand occasionally. New ones do not seem to be made anymore.

    2. Grindstone
    3. Reppyboyo


      Blank firing grenade.

  20. Had a hot curry Phew! I turned many sheets of toilet paper into A TACS pattern.

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    2. Banshee_Will


      ^That DVD will be released soon.

    3. TheFull9


      Nice. There's nothing I hate more than feeling like I need to let one rip during a game but not being able to release it in a way that's in keeping with my weapons manipulation sk1llz.

    4. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy



      I love hot curry. Hot curry doesn't love me.

  21. Your suppose to put a "user supplied" carbiner on the material end. (DMM make good kit)
  22. The black QD part of the landyard connects to the aircraft whilst the shackle/carbiner connects to the triangle on the riggers belt.
    1. Leon Kennedy

      Leon Kennedy

      Aw he's all ready to go off to work in his little tie.

    2. TheFull9


      Meh, least he's making an effort, I've seen a lot of adults do far worse. As costa says in those out-take reels "see it's hard with this camera *suitcase* isn't it?!?".

    3. aznriptide859


      It's funny because he's fat.

  23. What is everyones head size? I haven't found any solid information to say what size these fit.
  24. That 215 gear thread is not going to end well...........

    1. Habakure


      Their a bunch of homophobic idiots (215 gear).

    2. TheFull9


      Hopefully not for the numpty in question it won't.

    3. WhiteHawksan


      well, 'well' is entirely of your own opinion, but I think it ended well :P

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