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  1. If you could mate that would be awesome, I have spare pouches all over the place. I tried fitting one in 'just is' the other week but it just wasn't right. Would be interested to see what you have done. Cheers
  2. How have you managed to keep the mags in the flap? Are they just sitting there or in there something actually keeping them in place?
  3. My attempt at bastardising an IBH and turning it into an opscore style helmet.
  4. Ah I remember you guys, loads of fun!! Love the youtube video one of you have loaded by the way...
  5. Yes it is UA. And cheers. Yer the IBH - still debating what to do with it. Im having difficulty finding the right balance of tan, green and brown. Plus I think the camera captured the colours slightly different to what it actually is.
  6. I havent had the chance to skirmish in them yet - but appearance, they are awesome and are very comfortable to wear. There is a very good review of them somewhere on here.
  7. The radio whip I believe I got off a eBay shop. And the wallet is screaming - 400notes is alot of money! But worth every penny.
  8. My new loadout. UR-Tactical multicam, IBH, Converse Boots and RICAS with various pouches.
  9. This is where I get mine from... http://www.fire-support.co.uk/store/comers...?idCategory=224
  10. It went from this... To this... Its actually alot greener in places, but I guess the flash is knocking it out. I tried to make something that would look good in both woodland and urban/desert.
  11. The camera wasnt quite capturing it properly. But it looks like a dirty green. Quite effective I think - or more to the point looks alot better than pure clean tan!
  12. Discovered something quite cool today. I painted my helmet light tan but obviously it now looked brand new. I got some fresh grass cuttings and rubbed it over it. Its come out looking spank! I dont know how long it will last, but if grass stains are anything to go by... And there is never a shortage of fresh grass!
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