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  1. has anyone bought the grenade launcher for the l85 and if so was it worth £195? i ask because i would like to see photos if anyone has
  2. If there was a "Like" button on this site for this site i would press it :)

  3. good reveiw , beforehand didn't really consider them a contender for my money but may well do now cheers
  4. More details as i didn't really write any... bought at http://www.flecktarn.co.uk/ustmb9nx.html for £25 pounds I was not exspecting all that much, i was plesently supprised by an email containing a photo of my order ready to be shipped not 2 hours later and was VERY supprised with the quality of the item. the BULLE MOLLE lightweight chest rig is made of thick material, will fit anyone from stick (myself) to the more burley and larger airsofter, this is acheived by thick straps and strong clips, which join to an area of material on the back just perfect for attaching a small water bla
  5. well i'm glad i mentioned it, not bad for a first post
  6. no-one seems to have realised that bulle exsists, its cheap but well worth it. they say they are aimed at military but the price makes it perfect for airsoft. i bought a 6 M16 mag rig with MOLLE and 2 admin pouches for £25 so give it a look. PS. i am in no way endorced by flectarn.co.uk but they make some great stuff
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