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  1. Thanks. What is the comparison(external durability) to the newer cyma guns out there?
  2. So my main question about these is: How is the long term durability of the externals? I understand that some of it is pot metal, but how does that pot metal hold up? Is it structurally weaker than the CYMA equivalent? Will things, like hinges, brake without provocation? Externally how well does the kalash metal hold up compared to the newer CYMA metal? One last question. What about the new JG aks? I know it's a lot of questions, but I haven't found a straight foward answer anywhere. Thanks
  3. This is my first try at posting a picture and my first try at some sort of camo-battle worn paint job. I've always liked the look of mismatched recievers, so here's my take.
  4. Forgive me for posting a "What am best gun" question, but after searching I've heard so many good things about all makes of the m14 from cyma, TM, G&G, and Classic army. What is the general consensus on the best performing stock m14? I’m looking for accuracy and reliability.
  5. no use in starting a new topic... Does anyone have experience with the JBU ris and a Classic Army armalite? More specifically, does the ris rail match up with rail on the upper receiver? Thank you, kindly. Edit: after blarney's post. Since my goal was not to clutter the forum with a new topic with and easily answered question, I posted it here hoping to reach a knowledgable audience, but instead encountered someone who disagreed with my method. Besides, many picture threads go for pages with nothing but discussion. Why can't I ask a simple question?
  6. I'm getting rather tired hearing how much you want to have sex with everyone, Bunny. Anyways, back on topic. I've always liked your paintjobs, Souske, and I especially like this one for it's "real" factor. I have to remember to do this to mine. I think one flat color would be awesome, because I know how clean you'll make it. Can't wait to see it.
  7. Great, now I have to get Multicam and an XBOX 360 controller...
  8. Stunning and background worthy. Nice pictures.
  9. How should I attach a home made PVC pipe "free float" grip to my m15?
  10. One question... I've seen home made spr style grips before, and I was wondering how they attach? What are they made of? I'm interested in doing this and I just wanted to know.
  11. dang internet connection screwed me up sorry.
  12. I want one so bad. This was gonna my first aeg but they discontinued right before I was able to make my purchase.(similar story with the 551) What I want to know is; When are they going to make a conversion kit for this?
  13. My new one has 069031 on it.
  14. Literally two days after I bought my m4, AirsoftGi decided to put up the sr25 for sale. The sr25 is my dream gun, but I couldn't find one at a decent price in the US so I got the m4. Oh well, guess I'll just buy the sr25 in a couple of years after I deck out my m4.
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