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  1. JLiu

    KJW M4

    So I removed the grub screw from the flash hider, but when I try to unscrew the flash hider counter clockwise, all I managed to do was strip the threads. It's still firmly attached somehow. Can anyone think of a solution? (I hope I'm not screwed.)
  2. JLiu

    KJW M4

    I'm having trouble removing the flash hider. I've twisted it counter clockwise for many rotations without any signs of improvement. Any thoughts? Edit: Just noticed a screw. Allen key required?
  3. JLiu

    KJW M4

    Thanks for all the help guys, really appreciate it. It's been the highlight of an otherwise rough day. I ended up clearing the trapped plastic by slowly removing it with a knife so there was no need to remove the stock plate. Gun's functional again.
  4. JLiu

    KJW M4

    I removed the stock, screw, and spring. The stock plate still won't come off though. Do I have to unscrew it?
  5. JLiu

    KJW M4

    The handiest small chopstick shaped item was this plastic mini fishing rod toy kinda thing which conveniently had holes THE EXACT SIZE of the detent pin at 1 cm intervals. Pretty sure you can guess what happened when I pushed it through to hold the detent pin in place... >< Edit: Any chance you could walk me through removing the stock tube and plate? I feel like I'm one horribly unlucky mistake/oversight away from having to throw the gun into the parts bin.
  6. JLiu

    KJW M4

    Thanks for the quick reply There's no way to remove the detent pin from behind by removing the stock/buffer tube is there? (I just made the problem even worse by the worst possible luck in choosing the "something small" to hold the pin down with. It'd almost be funny if it wasn't so depressing)
  7. JLiu

    KJW M4

    Is there a fix if I accidentally removed the pin that holds upper and lower receivers together or am I completely SOL?
  8. JLiu

    KJW M4

    Would someone with an original box be willing to do me a favor and measure its dimensions (height x length x width) for me? This is the box, not the gun. Thanks in advance!

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