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  1. Sounds expensive for what I plan to do, I'll have to go looking to see what all was involved in doing so!
  2. Greetings from the "not dead yet" me! I realize it has been ages since I last posted on Arnies but life changed and I was unable to airsoft with any regularity. I sold most of my guns but recently acquired something new, the KWA HK45. Why? Why would someone who hasn't been able to airsoft in so long decide to purchase another airsoft gun that he can't necessarily use? Well the reasoning is simple: Work, or training, or both. I have been given the privilege of becoming a Police Officer and our department issued side arm is the venerable HK45. While I could bore you with the detail
  3. orders to MidwayUSA make me feel sick... at least my 700 will be very accurate :D

  4. I created a video outlining both the HPA stuff and the charging handle mods a while back. Here it is for all of your video viewing pleasure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcLPunRuaZU
  5. Yes that is high pressure air, the magazines are drilled and tapped to accept air quick disconnect fittings. With the dual regulator set ups at 145 psi and the npas dialed in, right arround 400 w/ .20 gram bb's but it has some pretty impressive recoil!
  6. You will have to forgive my reply if it isn't clear as I am typing this on my phone. I'm not sure I can recommend one brand of bolt carrier over another as my experience is limited to G&P carriers, an AABB carrier, two element steel carriers and my prime... so far I would not reccomend the element carriers, ever. The prime is great, but I've had to sand mine a lot to get it to function correctly in my WOC. Charging handles is hard to say. I have two real ones, a DPMS (low end) and a Noveske (high end) and physically there isn't a dang difference between the two. I think the DPMS
  7. Cursed GBBr's, they are Soooo unreliable! Of course, anyone that understands the system knows that this is a half truth. In stock form, it can be horrifyingly unreliable, frequent failure to fires, light striking, venting of magazines, spontaneous part failures and so on. As with AEG's there is this struggle between cost and performance and a choice between the thousands of parts out there to make a reliable GBBr. I hope to cover at least a few points of the most notable failures in the WA based GBBr setups. Durability Upgrades: There are TWO points in a WOC that are guaranteed to f
  8. As many involved in the Gas Blow Back world know, I own a G&P M16A4 WOC. Most notably, I own a WOC that is converted to run on High Pressure Air (HPA). I have received literally hundreds of PM's, questions, etc about the conversion and while I have to say I'm flattered, I'd just like to share that there is a lot of "school of hard knocks" progress that it took to get to this point. My loss, is of course your gain. So lets look at the base gun as it stands to this day: [base] G&P M16A4 WOC [Externals] Dboys M5 RIS Dboys RIS Bipod adapter Magpul UBR Stock for WA M4
  9. It wouldn't be the end of the world if it came with a sling attachment mount... Then I could actually use a sling, but as it stands, it does not, so you get the privilege of buying one of those TOO!
  10. No Kidding? That would probably fix all of my issues with smooth cycling. Then again, this UBR's buffer tube is wider than that of the 6 position I had earlier so it moves smoothly, even more smoothly with the G&P bolt carrier I need to get my Prime WA Length Steel BC shaved down about another tenth of a millimeter or two tenths and see if it helps with cycling (it should) because it was binding in the G&P 6 position.
  11. It's the PTS one for the WA/G&P. I'm not sure if RS stocks fit WOCs. I don't have one on hand to try out although I could have asked my buddy for his VLTOR MOD stock and buffer tube before he leaves for Texas. That is a bit involving as the UBR is not as simple to just remove as an M16 stock is or the 6 position is. I only have one complaint... Magpul's Best stock is 100% incompatible with their own, best sling plate... the ASAP plate wont work because they have the other sling attachment points, which conveniently enough, none came with the UBR stock... I wish it would have come
  12. Teaser Shot before better pictures tomorrow:
  13. UBR stock came in for the WOC... awesomesaucem =)

  14. More Pics of the WOC before it receives a bit of a tweak externally. State in picture: Internals: Prime Steel Bolt Carrier (Sanded, a lot, to get it to work better) RA-Tech Aluminum Nozzle with NPAS RA-Tech Hop Up rubber JDT 6.03 509mm length tightbore AABB Hardy Recoil Spring G&P Steel Buffer Lock DPMS Modified Charging Handle All other internals are stock WOC internals Externals: Dboys M5 RIS G&P FN M16A4 Metal body (newest version, still wobbles a little bit) G&P 6 position Buffer tube with G&P Crane Stock ERGO Grip vertical Grip PRO&
  15. Sorry for the delay (Oi, looks like I don't really jump into this section a whole lot) but I'm not sure if they reduced the noise so much as changed it's pitch. I wouldn't recommend double torques for a DMR though, too much torque and it can reduce the trigger lag with rather lackluster batteries. As for the overall quietness of the gun? It's pretty dang quiet. It certainly helps that there is a quarter inch of wood on either side of the gearbox As to how these are holding up? Pretty dang well I might add. Well enough anyway, but like I said, an SP130 spring isn't exactly "testing"
  16. Currently it appears we are unable to set animated gifs as our avatars? I know this opens up it's potentials for abuse, but I know we had them on the old forums back (I believe it was Donut who had the image of the anime character getting stomped all the time?) Anyway, I would kind of like them back so this: can be my avatar If thats possible? Or is there a good reason as to why it was removed? I'm not worried about overloading my founders photobucket account
  17. Some changes externally to the WOC. 5KU 6 Position Buffer Tube Magpul ASAP PRO&T AN/PEQ15 w/ Green Laser (PEW PEW FIRIN MAH LAZOR BEEMS!) G&P Crane Stock
  18. With RA-Tech NPAS though... more recoil FTW Air rig isn't too heavy, but then again I'm used to hauling around a lot of gear including my G&G M14 Veteran, which weighs a lot.
  19. So who's going to be the first person to tap their mags for HPA and crank up the PSI? Ok
  20. Personally, the only fair way to get the FPS of a GBB anything is to use the weight of BB you are going to use on the field. Anything else IS cheating the chrono. As someone else pointed out, just because your gun chrono's at 400 w/ .20's doesn't mean it chronos at 1.5J with .28's. Heck most AEG's dont even follow that rule, but that is besides the point. GBB's do not follow the same principles that AEG's do for FPS readings, because our gas expands, therefore, your muzzle energy (if your limit is 1.5J) needs to be the equivilant of 1.5J with whatever BB weight you are using, not of .20's.
  21. It's not bent like that accidently. Thats how the real one is, it's to facilitate shouldering with body armor on. If you fold it out and shoulder it, it helps with the weight a little bit. I personally consider it useless in every position but prone, but that bend is there intentionally.
  22. How does the blow back feel? I also toyed around with steeling the NS2 style gas system and hijacking it for the WA system, but without access to a machine shop to make new bolt carriers and nozzles it was a dead end adventure. I still have the ideas rolling around in the head of mine, but I'm not sure how much it truly matters I'm curious to see how you did it? As for the Big Dragon (READ: ENERGY) High flow Valves, give them a miss.. the shafts on them are too long to cycle correctly with a 150% hammer spring in my WOC and WA mags, and the ones I cut down with the mill either runaw
  23. More of the ho: Now Working! (Sadly mostly stock now) Exteranls: Dboys KAC M5 RIS ErgoGrip Vert Grip Dboys AN/PEQ2 ACM TA31 ACOG ECOS w/ Killflash Rockford Mount Harris Bipod (Modified not to suck) DPMS Charging Handle (Modified to work ) Internals: Stock WOC Trigger Group (Yup, safe/semi/auto, the burst kit is just too finicky) G&P NP Bolt Carrier JDT 6.03 509mm Tightbore AABB Hardy Recoil Spring Mags: 4 WA Mags (One leaks from the main valve slightly) 3 Bomber Mags Chronos a toasty 455 +/-10 FPS w/ G&G .28's. Next paycheck I'll pi
  24. Sending PM to keep from going OT
  25. The G&P M16A4 WOC in final form. Only change may be the addition of a Specter 3 point sling, but nothing major. Internally it functions, finally, and I have another bolt carrier on the way which should hopefully also produce fun results Still can't get the burst to work correctly all the time, not sure as to why either, but ohh well!
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