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  1. carnt make my mind up buy a dd rail for my we l85 or buy another pistol really want another tm 1911 variant had the meu and wish i hadnt sold it

  2. I personal think the tm px4 is there best pistol to date. Ive always used tm pistols and find the px4 to be the best quality in regards to build fit and finish and just overal look and feel of the pistol. My prevous experiance to tm pistols include the 1911 meu and the desert eagle. The tm meu is nice to hold and feel just looks to shinny when looking at it. The desert eagle had casting marks on the frame, If I was asked to buy another TM pistol wouldnt hesitate at buying another px4
  3. Been using mine on propane/green gas since day one ive owned it and not had any issues with it at all at moment must have fired getting on towards 2-3k rds so far. Only things ive noticed are slight rubbing/wear caused by my holster to the rear of the gun near the hammer
  4. Any body know what motor is in a ics m4a1 sportline?

    1. FireKnife


      An ICS one? :P


      I think it is called the Infinity, not sure about the potential RPM but should be around 800-900.

  5. Any body know what motor is in a ics m4a1 sportline?

  6. Yeh it was escpecially when all there other emails went straight into my inbox and not the junk folder
  7. Just been looking through my junk mail and found there confirmation of dispatch and a confirmation of the order
  8. I used 0.30 in mine no over hop at all straight shot out to some impressive ranges.
  9. any body know the width of the we l85 scope/carry handle rail?

    1. Mike_West


      18 or 20 mm, minimally narrower than the STANAG rail.

    2. ryangolfvr6


      Ive got a feeling there 18mm but carnt find any concreat evidence on this


    3. danielsilva


      I believe it uses a narrow/dovetail 18mm rail.

  10. All I will say is that its a great gun and overall proberly one of the least problamatic we gbbr on the market at this point in time. On the other hand is something does break it can be a pain to source replacement parts and when you do they could be out of stock or people want heavy price to ship them to you
  11. Yeh i placed my order with them no problems at all it was just a very expensive order and was a bit concerned with no contact from them saying at they recieved the order, had the parts in stock and when it was dispatched. Only took 3 days overall just not that knowing that worries you.
  12. new airsoft toy on its way

  13. Hi was wondering if any one would recommend these or have had bad dealings with them? I was looking at placing quite a large order with them but have never heard of them at all! http://eliteessex.co.uk/
  14. Any body else notice the airsoft guns in Doctor Who on saturday like the Tm Hi capa Rory was using?

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    2. jethrotull


      and you said WhiteHawksan the G36's are TM I believe .wrong h&k i belive

    3. WhiteHawksan


      Well, my local site loaned a large number (around 15 I think) TM G36c's to the BBC Doctor who Team so I was just going by general assumption they were in that episode :P no need to get so up yourself lol

    4. jethrotull


      what ever you are wrong i was right

  15. Bout time sonthing was done about companys selling airsoft guns as air riffles when it clearly says airsoft gun 6mm in there discription because then they dont need to worry about it selling it to people who arnt intitled to buy it cause there saying its over 1 joules of energy

    1. gijohn2


      DIA do this near me


    2. ryangolfvr6


      Here the site I found it on asg sniper riffle shooting 449fps claiming its a air riffle as its shooting at nearly 2 joules energy http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/asg-accuracy-international-replica-6mm-airsoft-rif/. But found it from these on facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/justbbguns/ as kids are getting there dads to buy it them and use on skirmish sites as it doesnt need a defence to buy and so doesnt need two toning

  16. Its a vsr hop style rubber so anything for a tm vsr or tm pistol will fit. Mine was really oilly and not sure if this was my problem so wiped the oil out.
  17. Well I took my barrel nut off the other day and only need a flat blade screw driver and some muscle behind it. Im pritty sure ive got a very very small c spanner in tool box that will fit not used it within the last 10 years so. I found the hop nub to be pritty big but the slot it fits in to be even bigger. Im just trying to work out which hop rubber to buy but think ill take it and test it out first before I spend on a hop rubber that it might not need
  18. Just a heads up for you guys been having trouble with range bbs droping and not getting anywhere near what i used to be able to hit no matter how much hop I added or took off. Was going to order a new hop rubber so I thought I would have ago at removing the old one stripped it down to find that the nub in the hop unit wasnt seated correctly under the leaver and looks like this might have a been the problem for the lack of range. While I was there removed the bucking and cleaned it as it was very heavley coated in silcon spray from the gases etc Hoping this has solved my problem. So if ur lacki
  19. had a great weekend at copehill down with GLF cheers guys

  20. Its just the link I posted for the hard rubber says for 0.25g or higher bb's and the softer one says for lower than 0.25g bb there both out of stock so might end up with the nine ball purple anyway
  21. even if im using 0.3g bbs
  22. is this the one http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/fire-fly-hop-rubber-hard-for-marui-vsr10-l96-m1911a1
  23. Has any one got links to a hop rubber that fitts the we g39? My gun at the last game was dropping shoots left right and centre and not even managing a straight shoot they would go up then drop down in a curve no matter where a move the hop adjust ment to really annoying.
  24. Not owned a hi cappa but had the tm 1911 meu and hands down i prefer the looks and feel of the PX4 lovely feel to it and u wouldnt even know its plastic its that good. controls are very well placed I find them a little stretch on the 1911 so would be the same on the hi cappa aswell I have to move my hand round to operate the slide release on the 1911 but on the px4 its all in reach from the go safetys good i leave mine decocked with round in chamber but safety of just needs a pull on the trigger and off she goes. If u wana wait till ur back ur more than welcome to try mine out
  25. If you want to hold and shoot one Matt let me know at the next shoot ur at and ill lend it to you for a few mags lol
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