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  1. Because it's like a smaller version of a MAP. Rather than just a pouch for a hydro bladder. I guess you could just stick pouches on the MLCS carrier, but meh. I prefer this, and I have owned both. I
  2. I prefer this design to the MLCS Hydro Carrier. But I guess that's just my opinion.
  3. Yeah, I really like it. It's great for CQB/MOUT because it doesn't swing around like a MAP and is much lower profile.
  4. Helmet is getting repainted of course. MBSS is getting swapped for FAPC & MBITR moved to back Ignore untied laces, I was in a hurry.
  5. Good job, thanks for posting. Nice to see how similar they are from a looks POV.
  6. Well I think I can safely say yes they work well. I use my Bowman headset with my helmet, I have found all comms much more comfortable with the Ops Core style pads. These helmets are the same for the most part so I cannot see any issue. I even took a couple pics for you:
  7. We use something like that one our forum (separated classified/forum) and personally I prefer the old forum system as a user but my main reason for commenting is I think it's much easier to moderate as well.
  8. Agreed (USCMCorps) And your site appears to be down Heroshark
  9. I bought a pair cause I needed some new boots ASAP and they were an easy, cheap option but oddly enough, and in contrast to most of the reviews I have read, they have been unbelievably uncomfortable. The rigid ankle support in mine juts out and literally stabs me in the side of the ankle with every step, I wore them for a couple of days hoping they would just wear in and gave up after my leg started bleeding. Sounds kinda like this: Except it happened from day 1. Maybe I just have weird feet.
  10. My Tan Side/Desert loadout. Generic cool guy really, not an impression anyway.
  11. There were a lot of pictures from Iraq that had this sort of dark, gritty feel to them so I thought I'd try to replicate it a bit while adding being a little 'artistic'. Nothing fancy, just playing with noise & blurs and stuff.
  12. In my opinion: Don't buy another. 7000 series & GTX600 series were supposed to be released Q4 2011 (so probably Q2-Q3 2012 ) but it's really not that long in the grand scheme of things.
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