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  1. I also had this problem. I believe it is a user error.. I haven´t seen anything about it in thye manual, but then again, I haven´t read it that thoroughly, but I think you should "turn off" the Hop Up before removing or inserting the barrel. Mine fixed itself after I had tried the correct procedure of turning it all the way off, then removing and inserting the barrel and then turning it all the way on again. Then my bullets started to arch uppwards nicely on full hop up, thus enabling me to set it to go perfectly straight. Hope this helped
  2. Mine also has visible, but trimmed down mold lines, but I haven´t really reflected about it since my limited experience with real "modern" military firearms is suggesting that they are produced to pretty much the same aestetic standards, which is "good enough and as cheap as possible". Older weapons, like a FN MAG from 1958, which is made from steel and wood are often built to completely different standards. At least compared to a 1980's FN FNC, made from molded ABS-plastic, aluminium and spot welded steel made in a fully automated production line.
  3. No, it´s a very thin piece of metal, just like the one in "WTF?Shane"s post. I can, if I use some force, turn one click past center, but just letting it settle at the center works fine, for now anyway. I don´t want to use too much force since I somehow suspect the gun parts aren´t made of milled and hardened steel, and thus will wear or break if too much force is applied.
  4. Regarding the washer issue, I have ONE of those washers on my barrel, and it´s razor thin, which leads me to believe that those washers are supposed to be added to compensate for differences in tolerances. So in theory some guns would be fine with one (as mine is), or two or even be fine without them, as I take it some peoples guns are. If that is the case, then there is clearly a need for some worker so check the barrels/trunnions in the factory, and if this guy has a bad day I guess people will get bad barrel assemblies. By the way, I was having a hop up problem before, where I could not
  5. I don't have any wobble at all, the barrel flexes a millimeter or two when I apply force to it, but I can live with that. The barrel is more or less a mild steel tube, not the hardened steel barrel of a real weapon. If you hold on to the hand guard and "wobble" the barrel it sure moves, but that´s the hand guard moving. Also nothing to worry about, unless you have a laser sight mounted on the handguard, then I guess you will have a slight accuracy issue.. but you´d have that anyway since it´s an airsoft weapon, not a real one. My Masada has no movement what so ever in the barrel mount. So obv
  6. The "exploded" drawing was pretty much useless in the paper manual, since thin white lines on black is not exactly very readable. But I opened the PDF in illustrator, copied the bitmap graphic, pasted it into photoshop, inverted and printed it out on A4, so now it can be studied in more detail. I attached the file for you guys so you don´t have to do it yourselves.
  7. Thankyou. I´ll do that. I just need to aim a bit higher for a while then :-) By the way, Moose, I'm located not very far from you, if your profile is anything to go by. I'm in kba.
  8. Ok, now I have toyed around with my Masada a little and tried to zero the sights on it at 10 meters/yards (appr). This might be a noob problem but.. With maximum popup and the front sight screwed all the way to the bottom I still get the hits some 10-15cm (4-6 inches for those who are metrically challenged) below target. I feel that the popup is somewhat non-functioning. On my very old TM P90 the problem is the opposite. The amount of hopup needed is very little. A touch to the hopup dial and the bb´s make a nice climb over the target. Anybody else have the same problem, or am I just a
  9. I got one with a black flash hider (orange ones not required in Sweden surprisingly enough), and when I tried to unscrew it, just for the fun of it, it came off easily. Instead I took the opportunity to tighten it a bit. (luckily it came around one extra turn, so that I could have it positioned right.) My front sight is as flush with the rail as possible. But I find it a bit strange that the flip up release isnt spring loaded, so that when yopu press the sight down again, it locks automatically, like the MBUS rear sight. I don´t know how the real steel works so.. Good luck with your f
  10. No, I am afraid not. If placed on the barrel locking/unlocking handle there is no room except forward. If you remove the handle I think you would gain about 5mm in height OR a pair of millimetres in width. Due to the shape of the handguard, a wider battery will have to sit higher, which is impossible if the handle is there. The bottom of the handguard is perfectly shaped for the mini battery. I wonder how it will fit if I put my MVG there.
  11. I got mine today also, and I thought I´d share some of my first impressions, although they don´t differ much from what has been said before. The rifle feels rock solid, heavier than I expected. The plastic feels durable and solid. Actually, the gun feels like it is of a higher quality and more solid than the Ak 5 (FN FNC clone) I had during military service. The upper receiver matches the lower perfectly, as said before (mine is FDE by the way). The mix of gun metal barrel, gray gas block and black flash hider is gorgeous to look at. The fake gas selector just wants to be twisted. It´s be
  12. I´ve only seen reviews of it on youtube, but if you hold it on its side with the folded stock down it apparently swings down of you shake the gun gently. Not that it is a big issue for me, but I´d prefer if it stays in place when it is folded, with some kind of solid locking mechanism. @uscmCorps So you got an A(not&)K version.. sweet. Now, give us pics with the RIS and short barrel attached.. please. I am bored here at work, and I´ve got an hour left.. Btw, UPS tells me mine will arrive on monday. Kind of odd looking forward to a monday on a friday.. :-)
  13. Don´t think of it as a replica of an existing weapon, think of it as a real gun produced for proffessional simulation, based on the designs of sister product. :-) In other words, it´s not a fake Bushmaster ARC, it´s a genuine Magpul PTS Masada. Happier now? @Alston251: The folding stock, do you know if it locks properly in folded position or if it is like on the A&K version?
  14. AFAIK the G&P is the A&K gun with G&P internals, but that is what the interwebs says, so it might not be true. @dstole: I take it you dont have a "retina display" on your cellphone then
  15. I think the pics on "fortress" mirrors what I have seen so far, that is: one Magpul logo on pistol grip, and outlined magpul logos as grip texture. I also note that today ehobbyasia show all the masada variants as sold out. So I guess that those of you who hasn´t preordered yet will have to wait a bit longer. I have read earlier in this thread arguments that the A&K Masada looks better than the Magpul one. For some reason I have thought so also. The side by side comparison pics on "fortress" made me look in to why.. I think the A&K looks more balanced estetically. It has t
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