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  1. GTi

    Secondary to snipe with

    It could be a rock that you can throw at people!
  2. GTi

    WE T65 Strength test..?

    Lol I am sure it will fire with no problems. But to the side.
  3. GTi

    School holidays

    He tried..
  4. GTi

    GHK 553 GBBR (Sexy!)

    Now.. this is a cool looking gun! https://youtu.be/CckPRKCfgqo
  5. Really nice work. Amazing. Keep updating this, please.
  6. GTi

    SMG Picture Thread

    This topic needs more MP7A1 pictures!
  7. GTi

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    I wasn't joking. I have several electric tools from Lidl and still do their job. Of course, I would like to have better brands, still good.
  8. GTi

    Schnitzel with noodles - what made you smile today?

    Cheap Lidl tools are the way to go 😂
  9. GTi

    School holidays

    Don't think this is the right place to ask that.. 😁
  10. GTi

    Prototype SIX12 Bullpup Airsoft Shotgun

    Now this, I like. Would buy. When comes out? 😁
  11. GTi

    NPO Sr2m AEP

    So ugly! Do not want.
  12. GTi

    New SMG that I just got

    Tokyo Marui version?
  13. GTi


    Hello, first, has you can see on my info, i am portuguese and here it's nearly impossible to get decents products for airsoft, that leaves me with one option buy stuff from stores in the scengen space (or i would have to pay several times the price of that stuff i bought and it could get confiscated by the police). With that in mind i want to ask you some stuff about them. I was interested in some airsoft guns (i just like them, take it has a collection), KWA SR10, ARES CTAR-21 Tavor, MagPul PTS Masada/ACR and a Tokyo Marui H&K USP (AEP), do you think they would be able to provide this in some kind of special order and send them to Portugal? plus some other stuff like MagPul midcap Mags and stuff that you could get in the USA (which i can't get directly to Portugal). I am not sure but it seems they only send to UK. Even if i proved i belong to the portuguese aisoft federation, do i have a chance they would sent it to me? I would available to pay a little extra just for the effort. And yes i will send them an e-mail, but i think UK retailers don't like me. airsoftworld fo example didn't answer my e-mails. This store atleast had the most professional looking website and with this comments i feel i would get what i want from them and not get screwed over, because i really wanted a lot of stuff eheh (instead of buying one thing every month, like most people do)
  14. choose the pink one.


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