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  1. This topic needs more MP7A1 pictures!
  2. I wasn't joking. I have several electric tools from Lidl and still do their job. Of course, I would like to have better brands, still good.
  3. Thank you, once again. Seems they have updated the Stalker and made it really ugly lol http://brassguardequip.com/new-stalker.html Will have to think about something else to protect my teeth xD
  4. Where did you get hose face masks? Are you able to use them with something like the ESS goggles? Thank you.
  5. Hello, first, has you can see on my info, i am portuguese and here it's nearly impossible to get decents products for airsoft, that leaves me with one option buy stuff from stores in the scengen space (or i would have to pay several times the price of that stuff i bought and it could get confiscated by the police). With that in mind i want to ask you some stuff about them. I was interested in some airsoft guns (i just like them, take it has a collection), KWA SR10, ARES CTAR-21 Tavor, MagPul PTS Masada/ACR and a Tokyo Marui H&K USP (AEP), do you think they would be able to provide this
  6. choose the pink one.

  7. I prefer the TM USP AEP to the 18c, but it seems the USP is gone from stores... And AEP > GBB to me lol
  8. Yes, you can. I read it somewhere in this topic lol I will ask again, for who changed their air nozzle (because of the leak), what brand did you use?
  9. So in the end the aRES isn't that bad except for the MARS. What about the Air Nozzle? Seems some people have leaking air nozzlesl, what brand (of nozzles) did you use to fix that? Anyone else having problems with them?
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