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  1. I wonder if anyone can help? I have a new Breacher, as soon as I load the mag into it, the gas leaks out inside some where. It's never been fired and the first mag had Abby 134a gas in and the second time I tried I used propane (as the 134 had run out). Never fired a shot, never been used.
  2. I've recently bought a breacher, had it for about 2 months before I got any gas to test it, finally had a go this weekend and as soon as I load the mag the gas just escapes out of the body of the gun. Never fired a shot, currently it's a £300 paper weight I gas the mag and as soon as it locks into place I hear gas escaping inside, empting the mag in less than 2 seconds. I've heard people say they leak if you use Green gas/ Propane but I've not actually ever used it, any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Cool, thanks again for the advice, Id forgotten about the bolt catch. I've been airsofting for nearly 10years now and still haven't dared to open up a GB, now might be the time !
  4. I'll try loosening it a little, I can feel the motor trying to turn when pull the trigger. I'm thinking of buying this http://www.uncompany.com/pageproductdetails.asp?prodid=30031 as a drop in (I'll drop the spring down obviously)? Would it be a good replacement ?
  5. Bladerunner, apart from being a humours fellow you also seam to know a thing or two about the 416 DX's hence I have a question, as I have just received one of these bundle of joys myself. What mags work with this as my PMAG's don't and as lovely as the hand cranked mag is I shall not be using that on the field of play ? I'm also pretty sure my G36 mags wont work either ! Is it also common for the gear box to lock up too as mine has after about 4 test shots ?
  6. Thank you all. I'm going to go for the Optactical pouches as I've not read anything bad about them as a company (feel free to enlighten me). Also I'm not sure whether to go for a Maritime CIRAS or an Eagle PC with Cummabund ?
  7. Juat wanted to find out if anyone had found any MC G36 mag pouches as G36's, like MC are made of sechs and w1n ! Or what current pouches can hold two G36 mags. Ta
  8. I always wondered what a 203 would look like and IMHO looks pretty good. Had an AG36 on mine and that looked good but it was a bit un-wieldy. 203 is now a viable replacement. Damm good looking 36 as well btw Akira
  9. I have a stock para (internally anyway) and appart from breaking a lug on the piston head because I had it at the 'position 2' part, I've had no probs what so ever. I do suggest putting an o ring on the inner barrel to make it shoot straighter.
  10. Not sure if this is the fault of the gun or the bat I used but I had my para spring set at the 2nd notch (pushed in) fired about 10 rnds and the battery cooked. I mean this thing was hot, totaly fubar. I've used the bat b4 on the standard setting with no problems. Put a new bat in and put the spring back to standard, not a problem. The bat was an 8.4V 3000mha. Any ideas ?
  11. The Original SaXoN

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    "It's no use I still can't tell the differance between the 3 of you"
  12. The Original SaXoN

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    No. His is deffinately bigger.
  13. "I wish they'd have put bromide in my dads tea."
  14. This new bally is the nuts! Although it dose hinder my periferal vision slightly.
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