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  1. If anyone is looking to buy a PTS Masada, I'm putting mine up for sale. I LOVE the rifle, but it's time for me to step up to a Systema PTW (which is about $1,500 here). COLOR: Black Currently being upgraded by my field tech: - new Systema piston (newly installed, not fired yet) - new Bravo Aluminum piston head (newly installed, not fired yet) - re-wired for deans - PDI Stainless Steel TBB 6.01 (newly installed, not fired yet) - PDI Hop-up Bucking (newly installed, not fired yet) - WII Tech metal Hop-Up Chamber and Air Tight Nozzle (newly installed, not fired yet) - Prometheus Non
  2. Need recommendations. I'm looking into optics for my Masada. What looks better? (I already have the AFG, thr fron MBUS 9replaced the existing cheap one, and I have the scope already from my M4).
  3. How much was this again? I'm already thinking too much for what amounts to be maybe 1.5 to 2 inches of difference. Though I'm looking forward to the longer DMR barrel.
  4. Great to hear. I just ordered a MS2, the ACR single sling point, and a magpul rail slingpoint for the front. Can't wait to install it.
  5. Ok, I think I'm crazy.... Can anyone suggest where I can find a sling that uses the integrated QD mounts on this rifle?
  6. Make you're own. I recommend thicker paper clips, and a pair of needle-nose pliers with the integrated wire-cutters. Can't get any cheaper, and it's actually stronger then the clips they used.
  7. Strange.... I'm using the stock bucking with .26 ammo, and tried 3 different spring strengths (stock, M120, and now M135). Hop-up working great (don't need to turn it all the way up, maybe only 3/4 for the range I need, which is far).
  8. Anyone know of any release dates for the barrel modules?
  9. Can you come up with a list of directions and parts you used for that? I want to install internal tracer led's myself.
  10. Ah-HA!!! The release-plunger is small enough to slide out once the site is removed. COOLNESS. Thanks!!! MBUS goes on tonight. Now I just need to get off my lazy butt and install the mosfet & motor, and I'll be fully upgraded.
  11. Hmmm.... the locking pin doesn't seem like it would slide out as it has wide tips on each end. Tonight I'll try unscrewing one end or the other. Otherwise I'm just cutting one of the tips off, as I doubt I'll ever want to put it back, and if I do, I can just replace the pin with something else.
  12. Anyone know how to remove the release pin for the front site? I see how to remove the pivot pin, but not the release pin (I tried screwing the handle). The only other way I can tell is to cut the release pin off (which I'd rather not do, yet). I want to remove the front site completely as I'm installing an MBUS front site instead. The release pin is blocking me from putting the MBUS 1 or two slots forward.
  13. Nothing is sad. Most of the problems are not common, and not that significant. The gun rocks. Most issues have been minor, as misunderstandings.
  14. Really shouldn't need to be in any manual. It's airsoft 101 - if you try to remove the barrel while the hop-up is anywhere BUT completely off, then you're barrel will press up against and probably break the hop-up nub or arm.
  15. Yeah, I ran the numbers on the CAT6 cable and found out that it would pretty much melt or catch on fire. It's the amps. POE for wireless routers take higher voltages but low amperage. I'll just have to buy some #16 wire and some fancy work to channel it around the receiver cleanly. I already have the Cheetah, which should be fine for me running 9.6v NiMH.
  16. Yeah, I was wondering about ease of the wire channel. Looks tight in that gun. I plan on putting in my Extreme-fire Cheetah, sometime next week. Just need to get some appropriate wires. I was actually thinking of trying CAT6 network cable, as it's a single cable and I can break out pairs as needed (for battery, motor, switch). If I use a voltmeter to check how well a cable works, what are my target voltages/watts/etc... (I guess I can test through the stock wire as comparison).
  17. Stock, the rifle seems to have decent trigger response. I'm popping in my MOSFET primarily for a 3-round burst option (but active breaking and enhanced trigger response will be a bonus). I'm also installing one as this will be my completely 'pimped' out rifle.
  18. My field chrono's with .25's and recommends .25 bio to all players. But the rules are semi loose, unless you're gun is too hot in which case you're given a minimum engagement distance (especially for sniper/DMR rifles).
  19. Well I finally got to field my weapon. The only upgrade I did was pop in a M120 spring, and was still only getting about 380fps with .25 ammo. But first impressions getting to play with it.... AWESOME. Range: extremely impressive. WIth the hop-up only 1/2 way engaged, I was getting great combat range with .25 ammo. Very easy to reach out and touch someone, and out-ranging some other people with similar guns. ROF: using 9.6v, 2000mAh - fast. Very fast. I don't tend to be a spray player, but due to the high ROF I was able to put out some mean bursts. I can't wait until I get around to i
  20. I got to wonder about quality of molds between colors. I have a black Masada, and after seeing complaints about mold seams I told a good look at mine. All of my seams are extremely clean, and smooth. Honestly, aside from the fact I think the front site is cheesy (I'd would have preffered another MBUS for the front) I have zero complaints. The gun is ligtht, ergonomic, comfortable, and the plastic seems to be the toughest plastic I've seen on any gun. As for the cost, yest I expected a little more bang for the buck... but $75 for shipping? Why not buy it from a US store? Granted I pai
  21. Many people "complaining" don't actually have any barrel wobble. I think we managed to throw a scare into ourselves, in that the C22 washer isn't required and only used to "shim" if necessary. (Makes perfect sense.)
  22. It's official about the washers... This is an email from SPARTAN imports to AIRSOFTGI: --------------------------------------- Hi Airsoft GI, Black metal flash hiders were not included with the Magpul PTS ACR’s being distributed and retailed in the US in order to fully comply with US Customs import regulations. The airsoft Magpul PTS ACR Masada was designed to be as authentic to the actual ACR as possible including the replication of the barrel quick change interface. Due to manufacturing tolerances, some of these assemblies can exhibit slight barrel movement. Ex
  23. Sweet. Thanks. I'm going to assume that not all rifles needed the washer (like a shimming issue). And assuming all else functions fine (I've STILL not had a chance to actually fire mine with ammo), I"m not going to bother with a RMA/repair. It appears I could easily pop on a washer myself to 'shim' this if ever needed. I actually think I have a rubber washer that thin that I can use if I ever have to. Which means.... I'm good for launch to start installing my upgrades for a game this weekend. Thanks guys!
  24. Yeah saw that.... seems they'll send out replacement parts. My only problem is, AIRSOFTGI is a pin in the *albartroth* to deal with. I'm guessing they'll make me pay shipping back to them, and I'll have to wait weeks/months for them to get stock again on a replacement. I'm REALLY considering not worrying about it as I don't plan on removing the barrel often, and think I can easily install an rubber gasket myself. (As long as I can see someone's good gun first for reference.)
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