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I have been actively playing airsoft (and hosting) since 1998. I am one of the founding members and Commanding Officer of Indiana's oldest active airsoft team known as I.M.P.A.C.T. Also known as Indiana Militia Practicing Airsoft Combat Tactics. I am also one of the founding members of the Airsoft Indiana community (of which I am a Mod).


I enjoy the Kalashnikov family of weaponry. I currently own 7 different airsoft AKs and over the years have owned just about every brand out there. I am also known for being a decent airsoft sniper due to my sneaky-ness. But I have had many years of practice. You would also be surprised as to the amount of damage I can do with a pistol.


I also enjoy real steel weaponry as much as I do airsoft. I have been shooting literally since I could walk (thanks Grandpa, RIP).


If you have any questions about me or my airsoft resume feel free to ask.


~Joker out....


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