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  1. If anyone knows where to get one cheap to the US please let me know!
  2. So I just got an rm4 in a trade but there is no connection, I tested the battery and it works fine and I bypassed the fuse as well as removed the motor. The current from one end to the other on the black wire works fine but when I pull the trigger for the red no connection. There is no damage to the wire or anything and the gearbox has never been opened. Help?
  3. Anyon know where I can purchase the thread protector for the FNX?
  4. I just got an msk in a trade and I noticed that the fire selector is sSUPER stick I need to use two fingers to pinch and use force to turn it. Is this common and how can I fix it?
  5. Dytac rail DOES NOT fit the TM 416!! First you gotta take the gas block off because the rails wont fit on there. Also it wont go over the barrel nut that is in place sadly. So you must either dremel the barrel nut or the inside of the railing. Who wants to buy my Dytac Rail? =)
  6. This worked all the mags work 100% now thanks! Also is there a way to get a replacement of the fake bolt assembly plate ? I lost mine
  7. Hope someone can help me. So I have like 10 mid caps and I load them all up with .20 and when I fire semi a bb shoots out every like 5 pulls. On full auto on ebb comes out like every 3 seconds of holding trigger. This is the issue on all the mid caps and holding it into magwell doesn't work either. However all the hi caps work flawlessly. Can anyone help me resolve the issue?
  8. How does the bolt shoot compared to the KWA ERG?
  9. I noticed that my fireselector got pretty loose, is there a way to tighten it back down?
  10. I do not plan on taking it down unless something breaks at this current time. Here is a blown up image from Ehoby however! *THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH SOME ERGs AND HERE IS HOW TO SOLVE IT!* I had someone contact me regarding thei brand new ERG not working after firing a mag through it If you try hiting the bolt release and that doesn't work do not fret, all you have to do is the following: Flip the gun upside down, and look down the magwell (inside where you remove your magazine) Look for a black plastic tab. This is the tab release for the bolt catch. Move it around a bit and
  11. It is a stock sling plate that came with it. Everything in the ERG photos is all stock
  12. I need to find an AEG outterbarrel to test the ERG out with give me a few days. The stock tube has a huge brass piece that moves from what I was told by the PTS rep. No room for a battery there sadly. I also noticed that when you pull back the charging handle to move the fake bolt plate, it doesnt lock back on its own. You have to manually hold down the bolt catch for it to hold it. It doesnt feel satisfying hitting the bolt catch to have the fake bolt plate go forward.I would say that is another con.
  13. Any way to put a light on it or a sling? Any new updates from late adopters to see if they fixed anything up?
  14. It will not allow me to change it to use the charging handle instead of the other. I have yet to take the gearbox out to play with it though. I only have a VFC 416 and a Tokyo Marui Sopmod. The ERG has a wider gap where the pin goes so it can't fit. also the Charging handle is part of the lower. I have yet to test it with a standard aeg M4. I took comparison photos below. Hop Up Unit Standard AEG Inner barrel and the hop up nub is the standard. I do like the whole hop up unit however. Very easy to dial. It is made out of plastic. Removed Upper from Lower Notice that
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