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  1. BeaVisS

    Russian geardo reviews

    The new one review with english subtitles - comparsion of Crye JPC and Toysoldier NJPC
  2. BeaVisS

    Russian geardo reviews

    I'll try to help you. I will ask my friends
  3. Hello! My name is Russian geardo and I am airsoft and military reviewer from Russia! 3 years ago I started my blog with reviews in russian language: http://rusgeardo.blogspot.ru In 2013 I made my own youtube-channel to make video reviews and I started to make English subtitles to them. I am sorry for possibles mistakes in subtitles, English is not my native language. So there is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/rusgeardo - this is my channel trailer - comparsion of Element XPS 3-2 and original L3 EOTech XPS 3-2 - OSS Murray Back Pressure Regulator 2 by Madbull For English language please turn on subtitles. The rest old videos now hasn't English subtitles but I will add them soon. And I will post links for new videos here. Like my videos, subscribe my channel, thank in advance!

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