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    Classic Army M15A4 Tactical Carbine with an ACTION ACOG RDS.

    Glock 19 (currently out of action until i buy a new magazine)

    Bulle US FSBE Tac-vest.
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    "You know i'll pay you back..right?"
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  1. My M15A4 Tac-carbine with CA SIRS. Worked for about a year. Then the wires got ripped out. Then I managed to fix it. And they've broke again ¬___¬
  2. Is the pose in the last pic a GRAW reference?
  3. I always get a size larger than me so i don't encounter stitching problems. I like them baggy anyway, gets a bit of air in. I'm just trying to break the tension Okay, I'll shut up >__>
  4. This is the armalite thread. Go to the H&K thread. On a serious note. Those are looking great, very nice pictures too
  5. Mt_05

    Just stuff.

  6. Mt_05

    1911 Picture Thread

    Beautiful Hicks, i want one now
  7. I was ready to order from afmo.com then in my shopping basket i looked at the shipping and it was something absurd like $80! That's around £40. £40 for shipping!?!?!?!?? You gotta be crazy, i even checked the quantity to make sure i wasn't ordering 2 sets. But nope. In the end it was going to cost me almost £100 so i just left it.
  8. That looks really cool Akira. Wish i could afford multicam
  9. They are lovely, might try doing mine like that one day.
  10. I also feel that they look better with full-stocks:
  11. Did you do the paintjobs on the 2 that aren't yours? I really dig those paintjobs.
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