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  1. Next sunday my team is organizing a big game! I will try to take a picture of ther with the other players guns.
  2. Be warn, this is my first review ever on Airsoft so many things can be absent in the review, feel free to tell me what you want to know. I got this gun from combatevirtual.biz 10 days after ordering due to the fact i live in the islands. Customer Service is great on this shop, the staff are always available to answer to any questions and to help the customer. For prices ask the shop =) For starters the box: In the box was included: - Cleaning Rod - Manual - G&G Brochure - Highcap - M4 Carbine This gun was tested with G&G .20g and ASG Devil’s Blaster .25g. On each test i
  3. Part of my team taking a break after a few games...
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