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    I won't be ordering from them again. That said, I think you could have a reasonable experience dealing with them provided the order is absolutely clear (a JG G36C should always be a JG G36C, shouldn't it? "Ha! You ordered a G36C, but we send you a G36! Why you complain! You get more gun for the same money!!! Are you crazy???!!!"), isn't defective and doesn't get damaged in shipping ("EMS didn't break the gun it half! CA AUG very hard to break in half. You probably did it! In HK there's no warranty. That's why it's so cheap! Anyway, it wasn't broken when shipped." ) It's worth noting that, with my dispute, PayPal wanted me to return everything. Given that I was disputing £13 of a £130 order, where everything else was fine, I just couldn't be bothered to follow it up in the end.
  2. treetoad


    Strange, mine hasn't and I won the dispute today...not that I'll be ordering from them again.
  3. treetoad


    Peter's a real charmer, ain't he? They should lose the sale as well. If you paid with PayPal do what I did and raise a dispute citing item "not as described". He'd be hard pressed to argue that he sent the item you actually ordered with that email trail... That'll get you your shipping costs back as well. Good luck, --T
  4. treetoad


    Strangely, here in the UK, you have fewer rights if you buy something in-store than if you buy it online. Online purchases can be returned in 7 days for any reason. If you buy it in a shop, returns are completely at the merchant's discretion. PayPal may have a different opinion about how discretionary a refund is. It's been raised as a dispute, but hasn't been decided yet. As I said: before this, I'd been treated well by pretty much every Chinese retailer I'd had to return things to, high or low end. ACMGear has been the first exception.
  5. treetoad


    Hi Ex, My point was simply 'buyer beware'. WGC clearly state that is the case on some items on their site. ACMGear make no such statement. I buy parts and equipment from China all the time and this is by no means a consistent attitude with Chinese retailers. I have had refunds and exchanges on Chinese-made gear from uncompany, ehobbyasia, airsoft-club, ebairsoft, and a few others. Some were more helpful than others, but all of them eventually made good on defective or broken items. Surprisingly, ebairsoft and airsoft-club--the mainland China, 'budget' dealers--have been the easiest to deal with so far. The HK shops tend squabble more. I'd rather not test this, but it would be interesting to see what PayPal might make of the WGC disclaimer in the event of a dispute. I suspect they would ignore it. Good looking SR635 you've got, BTW. Best, TA
  6. treetoad


    I bought a pile of parts from them about a month ago. Motors, gears and springs at good prices with reasonable shipping. However, the spur gear on one of the SHS gearsets was warped when I got it. Having spent about $140 with on the whole order and having had excellent customer service from several other HK retailers lately, I was expecting a no-quibble response asking for a replacement set. Forget that, according to Peter at ACM the very fact that they came out of the package and touched a bushing in a shell means they were "installed": well... you put them inside so they are "installed" right? if new unused they are in the box never put inside any gearbox for any kind of function. I'm sorry but there is no warranties in Hong Kong as prices are so low. If you want with warranties and exchange programs, you better buy locally from your local shops. We have never gotten problems with SHS parts, so i doubt there is real issues. I offered to photo them, video them, send them back so he could satisfy himself that they had never been under any load. For an easy life I even offered to take a slightly smaller store credit on another order. Nope, according to Peter, I don't understand how retail in HK works and I should just *fruitcage* off. Oh, and Paypal will side with mighty HK retailer as soon as they've heard I "installed" these gears. It's been escalated to a dispute, so I guess we'll see. In the meantime, I can't fault his prices or the speed of his shipping but I'll never order *suitcase* from him again.

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