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  1. flecktarnman

    East German NVA strichtarn combat chest rig (modern edition)

    Wow this is great it looks modern, but is made out of old Stricktarn Camo. Brilliant!! What is the rest of the kit gonna be with it?? Just Curious?
  2. flecktarnman

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Wow Nice Ak bombermonk, I just love those rs parts, even if they are not steel but you get my drift. My first Ak! Great bargain from a mate, but finishes my soviet kit nicely- well the kit will never really be finshed as you can always add more! Fisished in VDV style, the way an ak should be, I am one for wood on ak and none of this moderning (it not an m4 so why put on m4 parts!), but that is just my personal preferance. Wow I need to change the date on my camera

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