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  1. Excuse the poor quality photos. Decided to try and paint my PDW to something i could use with either AOR2 or MC. i was torn between RAL7013 and RAL8000 but after looking at the HK416A5 ras on TheReptileHouse blog I liked the colour and it seemed to match tan and green depending on lighting and surrounding so i mixed RAL8000 and painted the upper. Personally i think its too light and after investigating further it seems the colour HK uses is closer to cerakote burnt bronze than RAL8000. So does anyone have a colour code that would match/ be similar to burnt bronze? upload img upload
  2. Thanks for the help Kenxin. Hopefully I'll get one when they show up in HK shops or that along with a few other bits i need to fix my second spare mag I'll have a go with the paper for the front sight later and see how it works out. Paul
  3. Does anyone know if this will fit the tm px4 and is there anywhere I can get it that will ship to Ireland? I prefer to have a lanyard on stuff so it won't go too far. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/717837/beretta-hammer-spring-cup-with-lanyard-px4-series Also has anyone reccomendation on how to keep the front sight in place? My one seems to be a fraction too small for the bevel or something. Thanks, Paul
  4. Hi, I may take you up on those feed lips if you have it in a few weeks still. To be honest Im not mad on the look of the bumpers, think it ruins the look of the pistol. Thanks for the offer Paul
  5. Thanks for the reply. Ill try load the video later and have a go. Once it keeps it under 328fps with a 0.2g BB I dont mind (Anything over is classed as a firearm here). The second spare magazine i got with it has broken lips, just wanted to know if there was any advantage to upgraded ones before i ordered anything. Thanks, Paul
  6. Just got a TM PX4 second hand at the weekend, lovely feeling pistol, haven't had much of a chance to fire it yet. A few quick (hopefully) questions about it though 1) Can the mag release easily be swapped for left handed use? 2)Any recomendations for a left handed holster?(something like a mid ride preferably and within the EU) 3)Are firefly and nineball the same with regards hop up rubbers? Is there much of a power increase? 4)Ive seen enhanced magazine feed lips somewhere out of stock, is there any advantage to them over the stock ones? (have one magazine with broken feed lips) Th
  7. Most my gear in one (bad quality) photo. Bulle OD chestrig and Flyye MAP Elite Force (VFC) PDW + 7 Midcaps VFC HK416D + 7 Midcaps TM PX4 + 2 mags KSC USP Tactical + 2 mags
  8. Guessing this is most suitable here Elite Force (VFC) K-PDW 7 mids Magwell grip Element Soundhog 5ku Noveske style hand stop. Dboys rail ladders Paracorded stock Madbull TBB cut to size, madbull blue rubber and Element H-nub
  9. KSC USP Tactical (System 7) with two magazines and Element rail adapter. VFC HK416D 7 midcaps SHS 16:1 gears, AWS Raptor Mosfet, G&P M120 motor. G&P Hop-up unit, SHS white rubber and Element H-nub. Clone HK417 style stock. Excuse the bad quality photos. Paul
  10. TM PX4 I picked up at the weekend. Have a third magazine for it but it need feed lips and a magazine base. Excuse the bad quality pictures, was never much good at taking them ha. Paul
  11. Bulle OD chestrig 6 rifle magazines in centre LH utility pouch:Pistol RH utility pouch:Speed loader, cheap multitool, spare battery and spare secondary magazine Magpul MS2 sling threaded through molle loops Flyye MAP on rear, Bulle radio pouch on side of MAP
  12. Probably CB. In the process of switching to clone MC clothing so I'm just looking at some new stuff at the moment. Thanks, Paul
  13. Hi, Been toying with the idea for a while of getting a clone JPC for a new/updated look instead of my current Bulle chest rig. Anyone know where I could get one within the EU at a decent price? Any recommendations for a hydro carrier? Something like a MAP or would it look "wrong"? Currently I'm thinking of putting a x3 bungie mag pouch on the right cummerbund, utility on the left and some form of hydro carrier on the back with a clone MS3 sling going through the shoulder pads for a one point sling. Thanks in advance, Paul.
  14. From my local site(nearly an hour and a half away) last Saturday. Last minute decision to go so I decided to bring the storage box with all my gear in it so as id forget nothing. Park the car at the site and go change to find my DPM pants is still hanging up in the press since the last game. Played in the only decent pair of jeans I have to my name, didn't destroy them too much! Was also virtually invisible according to one person who had just made out my exposed wrists when a string of bb's were sent in their direction
  15. sorry, my bad for the distraction I usually grip the magwell, but im putting that down to not having invested in a set of rail covers in the two years that ive an aeg with rails lol. Ive never tried an AFG really as id still need covers for the side rails. Went looking on local retailers sites last night, and these were the same price as an (clone) AFG in an other nearby shop so im between the two at the moment. The AFG would probably hold its resale value better, could be wrong about that though
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