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  1. sickboy76

    WE M&P

    Shame they didnt sort out the trigger mech issue til after it had been sent back TWICE
  2. sickboy76

    WE M&P

    Cant believe how poor the m&p is out of the box. Beautiful in the hand and really snappy when it works but the cr*ppy hop and trigger mech make it a proper headache. Almost seems 50/50 whther you get one thats working properly on purchase. Id suggest waiting for a gen 2 or a marui
  3. sickboy76

    WE M&P

    I don't want to have take apart and file down bits of a brand new gun because the manufacturer didn't do their job properly. I've already destroyed one pistol while trying to mod it which is why I bought the m&p so I'm certainly not going to mess about with it. Sorely disappointed that it's so poorly designed/ manufactured. Guess that's what happens when you don't have a marui to clone.
  4. sickboy76

    WE M&P

    Lemon is going back today. Never had any grief with my tm pistols. Seems WE still haven't got it right .
  5. sickboy76

    WE M&P

    Anyone else having burst fire problems? Read that they've sorted it apparently but I seem to get a three shot burst on the first trigger pull. Actually had a look at the mags and bb.s. dint seem to be sitting right. Any ideas?

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