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  1. BrammerFOX

    Videos Thread !

    Hey Guys Once again with the action filled airsoft movie from F.O.X Noxious from the team did the editing this time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upDCsnjdR1U Subscribe, like, and so on for more content https://www.facebook.com/FoxAirsoftTeam
  2. BrammerFOX

    Videos Thread !

    News from FOX in Denmark. Now with more Brammer(Thats me) Do tell me + and - with the whole concept of my videoediting:)
  3. BrammerFOX

    Videos Thread !

    Ultimate highspeed box with 7.4 lipo.. Do you guys really think that is a high rate of fire?
  4. BrammerFOX

    Videos Thread !

    One of the biggest indoor fields in the world.. Location; Denmark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_r5reYj7BU
  5. BrammerFOX

    Videos Thread !

    Intro video from FOX
  6. BrammerFOX

    Videos Thread !

    Thanks for the positive feedback There is a little more. But didnt want to make a new movie already. Got a new field comming soon. An old factory. more to follow
  7. BrammerFOX

    Videos Thread !

    F.O.X in Denmark with some more gbb action
  8. BrammerFOX

    Videos Thread !

    Thank you for the comment. I think it should be very different from any other airsoft movie. I hate watching a 20 min long clip of a guy shooting his gun in the forest This movie was filmed with a ContourHD 720 and a 1080 . Im getting a Roam in the next couple of days
  9. BrammerFOX

    Videos Thread !

    Another video from FOX in Denmark

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