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  1. Desperately in need of Socom Gear Daniel Defense Barrel Nuts for G&P bodies. Is the whole Internet out of them?!

  2. Just picked one up and am loving it. I had no issue removing the flash hider, however. Pulled out the hex screw and twisted it right off with a 3/4" wrench.
  3. I picked up the ICS M4 CQB-R from Airsoft GI some time ago while it was on sale for just $60 more than the Sportline model. While on R&R, I got to play with it a bit and figured I'd post my initial impressions of the gun. Externals Overall, the gun looks impressive. Color is right for an AR. Metal body is good and has little to no receiver rattle. Crane stock doesn't look like a "real" crane stock. Not an issue for me, but not right if you're trying for an impression. The gun can only use one specific battery. This can be a pain, but is used so that the stock can collapse fully without c
  4. Working on a review of the ICS CQBR. Post in a week or so.

    1. Gigueand


      pro-line or sportline? If it is the sportline version you should try to compare their plastic with the G&G CM...

    2. Groz
  5. Groz

    Y&P M9

    Have you fielded it yet?
  6. Did the Madbull Ultimate hopup fit in there okay? I've heard some guns need a little modification for it to fit.
  7. Apparently, board prep is more important than the mission...

  8. is enjoying his time in the sandbox. *sarcasm*

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