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  1. AirsoftBuyer1234

    What's your backup?

    2x Upgraded UHC Python 4". It's only a springer, but it's a proper revolver so you can stick 5 bb's in each shell and have a mini shotgun strapped to your hip just incase. Not strictly just a backup as I'll use these for entering buildings. Also I love to pose so these are great. Only taken for one skirmish so far so may be short-lived (although they worked great this time) and back to the old TM M9 but hey, we'll see eh
  2. AirsoftBuyer1234

    What's your backup?

    I use a Colt Double Eagle spring pistol with 12 rounds down the barrel and tissue paper at the end to keep it from falling out. To be honest, only use for a sidearm is room clearing, which it does great. Also got a TM M9 incase it gets nasty =D

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