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  1. Interficium

    Glock Picture Thread

    Agency Arms G17 scratch-build: Parts list: RWA Agency Arms Legacy Kit (Slide, trigger) RWA Titanium Nitride Barrel (Gold) Airsoft Surgeon Agency Arms Lower Marui G17 Custom mags Raid Tactical Solutions BBU Guarder Loading Nozzle Guarder Slide Lock Guarder Extended Slide Stop Guarder Mag Release Guarder Valve Set Guarder Series Tag + Block Guarder Knocker Lock Guarder Valve Knocker Bell Spring Set Tokyo Marui Hammer Spring (Using Roguesystem mod) Tokyo Marui Recoil Spring and Guide Maple Leaf Hop Chamber Maple Leaf Inner Barrel Maple Leaf Autobot 60 degree bucking UAC Steel Pin Set UAC Trigger Bar UAC Hammer Housing UAC Hammer + Sear UAC Front Chassis
  2. Interficium


    KWA has been a mess, organizationally, for the last year or so. God only knows what's going on. They still sell the Vector over a year after KRISS allegedly pulled their licensing rights, which means either that they've just decided to keep selling them until a court orders them to stop, or that KRISS jumped the gun in their announcement and weren't able to actually pull the rights from KWA due to contractual reasons. There could be other reasons, of course, but those are the two most likely scenarios. The real reason all the drama went down wasn't evident until early this year when KRISS made their Krytac airsoft brand public, headed up by former KWA employees and Tim from AirsoftGI. It's pretty clear that once KRISS decided to enter the airsoft market for themselves they quickly wanted to make sure one of their future competitors did not have the airsoft rights to their flagship firearm.
  3. Interficium

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    Buddy bought one of these. The one insight I had into it that I haven't seen here yet was that I was amazed at the sluggish trigger response and ROF coming from an 11.1 lipo. Felt like a half second before a BB would be fired on semi auto. Going to guess the stock motor is a little bit pants.
  4. Interficium

    Videos Thread !

    It's good to see you maning up and owning it. Based on prior experience I was 99 percent sure you'd come back with some nonsense defensive response, so this was pleasant surprise. I guess it's marginally better if you were playing with all your buddies, but the stuff you were doing can and will quickly become bad habits that you do ALL the time, not just with your "understanding friends." Airsoft is a game of honor, and sportsmanship is the only thing that can keep it alive.
  5. Interficium

    Videos Thread !

    Blatant blind-firing. Blatant non-hit-calling (using the old his-bb-disappears-if-mine-hits-him-first excuse). Blatant cheating by telling players where opponents are while dead. At least a dozen instances of drilling people from <2 feet away multiple times. And he rages at some guy with a laser. But perhaps the stupidest thing is he actually has outed himself by posting up this video. //edit: One of his other videos is entitled "Why the bang rule is stupid"
  6. Interficium


    Whatever happened to this? P.S. I posted something of a long Kriss post-mortem, mostly a summary of the License revoke, as well as bulleted review culled from my thoughts in this thread, at my blog. Hit the link below.
  7. Interficium

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    You reversed the contacts for the motor.
  8. Interficium


    Random update: The gun performed admirably on duster in the 300fps range in 22-25C weather for three hours. Enough to not warrant me doing a dangerwerx valve install... for now.
  9. Interficium

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    (Insert post saying all prometheus here)
  10. Interficium


    Honestly, at this point I think I would wait till spring/summer and see if KWA does some kind of promo players package with an extra mag included, similar to the deals they ran with the MP7. The temps in Belgium at the moment are not going to be friendly to the Vector.
  11. Interficium


    This is actually a pretty great comparison. You can pretty clearly see the difference, with the Kriss venting all over the place, meanwhile look at that mp7 running like a champ! Does anyone have any thoughts on mitigating this problem? Aftermarket gas route buckings for the mags? Using RC shock oil instead of pure silicone?
  12. Interficium


    It's so weird going on youtube and seeing "reviews" of the KWA KRISS Vector and saying it's a perfect gun, with zero faults. But, I guess that's why arnies is the best airsoft resource on the internet, eh? The KRISS Vector has a lot to like, particularly the robust (as to be expected) build quality. After 2500+ rounds I couldn't see really any wear on the nozzle, which was pretty pleasantly surprising. It really seems like it was built to last. So far my previous concerns about the charging handle have proven to be unfounded, but then I hardly touch it anyways. As I've mentioned earlier in the thread, though, a BIG achilles heel (particularly for everyone who DOESN'T live in California) is gas efficiency and cooldown, which are like a double edged sword that has both edges pointed towards you. This is from Allizard over on KWA's forums: The efficiency is kinda poor, but masked by the large capacity of the magazines. You feel it when the gun has been shot in +4C to +5C weather for an hour though, especially if you even dare run anything other than semi auto. After an hour and half to two hours your bolt will be frozen, and you'll start venting major gas. At this point I may wait until spring and at least +10C weather before really going through another couple thousand rounds. I've run WOCs, GHKs, and KWAs (mp7, etc) and this gun definitely has some of the worst cooldown problems I've encountered.
  13. Interficium

    Tokyo Marui HK416D

    ....why would they put something on there that isn't on the real steel?
  14. Interficium


    Skirmished today (indoor warehouse CQB, 40F-50F degrees ambient). The gun had a hard time keeping up after 30 minutes or so as bolt/mags/propane started to get cold, lots of venting, moderate-to-severe ROF and cycling issues. It really doesn't handle cooldown all that great. FPS was 330ish. May try to look in to some chem hand warmer solutions. Otherwise performed flawlessly. It doesn't really like the cold though.
  15. Interficium


    Got a link for this? Google didn't seem to return any concrete results. Also have experienced sticky bolt issues here.

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