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  1. Is there an advantage to ordering from a UK site over one in HK? Disadvantage? Thanks for the input.
  2. Sorry if this doesn't really belong here but I don't want to waste it on a new thread. Reposting because the last time it got overshadowed by huge pictures of sexy guns...
  3. Howdy. Would any of you fine gentlemen know where I could find a G&P XM177 in the US? Nobody seems to stock them (except for Evike which is always out of stock) but I don't know enough retailers to say I've had a thorough search of the country. Would like to avoid Hong Kong deals if at all possible. Also, what would be a preferred model, the E1 or the E2? One costs a considerable amount more than the other.
  4. Fresno, I am disappoint. That's all I gotta say. Shame on you all.

  5. A bit late, but I figured it was best to reply. Better late than never. It was royalist guardsmen versus civilian rebels at that op. I elected to join the rebels, who were required to wear civvie clothes. Well, not really special ops. Just civilian forces in general.
  6. Operation "Fall of Pharaoh" - Fresno, California. Not my photos, credits go to Matt Almaguer, AKA Spitfire... In every picture here, in the helmet, green jacket, blue jeans and tan vest. Seen here at the far left on the dune with members of Team Knight & others: Far left: Far left thrice (I think God is trying to tell me something):
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