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  1. (Renagade's video) I don't mean any disrespect towards you as you seemed to be relatively proactive yourself, but what exactly was your team doing that whole time? Instead of maneuvering out of the killzone ASAP they seemed quite content to stay in a clustered column and get machine gunned in exposed positions.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vputRKj5-4E&feature=youtu.be Forgive the choice of music...it's a reference to our team's original video which had the original version of that song chosen for it. Season 2 if you will...hopefully we'll have a lot of videos in the future as opposed to last year where almost nothing happened. We made an excursion out to this field, which is about 2 and a half hours away. Other than the high FPS allowed and odd gameplay flow choices, it was worthwhile and we're considering going again in the future.
  3. Agreed. Forti has some of the most interesting and well-done footage I've seen so far. The editing is sheer gold and it's way more engaging than another boring slideshow with rock music to cover up the sound of the guy being hit . It's how I'd want to do videos if I had a channel...
  4. Blood, sweat, tears, and a little lube...VFC M4, now with more paint. List of external/internal parts available on request. She (or maybe it's a he?) is almost done, though the last thing I'm seriously considering is a CQBR length barrel for it.
  5. I see, sounds good. Do you think one of the newer CYMAs could handle an 11.1v lipo (I use mostly semi-only fire so not much auto shredding)? That's one of my main concerns right now, as I'm not keen on getting another battery and the ones they come with I never use.
  6. I'm looking into getting an AKS-74u. Right now this one has my attention: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_206&products_id=4739 Is it reasonably compatible with real-steel parts (for instance, real handguards)? Any issues I should watch out for? Should I just get something else?
  7. VFC M4A1 E-Series Gearbox: Retuned and rear-wired gearbox by a good friend of mine, not sure of the ROF but it's something leaning closer to 20 RPS on an 11.1v lipo. Replaced spring to shoot at ~350 FPS to be legal for MOUT here. All else is stock and it runs like a well-oiled toaster with instantaneous trigger response. Hop: Polar Star Concave Spacer, Systema Energy bucking, Madbull Black Python 6.03 tightbore in 363mm length. On .28s and in ideal conditions it's pushing something like 200 feet, or possibly slightly more range. It might be more than that, as I have taken some
  8. A well-detailed review. Tried skirmishing it? Though to be honest, if someone showed up with one of those and used it as a transition weapon inside MEDs, I would probably floor them for being so irresponsible.
  9. Tell me you at least got one?
  10. Somewhat bad photo, best I could do though. Those pesky wires under the rail are gone now. Started life as a VFC M4 E-series in late 2010, from there it's gone through a fair amount of parts internally and externally. I've finally settled with a pseudo-SR15 build.
  11. My humble offering of the People's weapon. I'm not entirely sure of it's exact specs since the internals are all rebranded stuff. The base gun is a JG AK Beta, the internals are all sourced from Echo1 parts. Wired to deans with an 11.1v LiPo.
  12. Being poor sucks...so many cool guns, so little wallet.

    1. Bladerider


      +1 the 1911 threads hurt my feelings :(

  13. My humble offering... It looks worse in this photo than in person, I assure you. Any tips? Going to try to get a MAP or some such thing for it.
  14. My humble offering... It looks worse in this photo than in person, I assure you. Any tips? Going to try to get a MAP or some such thing for it.
  15. It's not even so much that a new battery can't be had right now, it's just that once you factor the battery, charger, tech fee to get the gun rewired, ect. that it becomes a secondary thing.
  16. A small issue of $$$ combined with being paranoid about flaming/exploding batteries as well as not having a good place to store one. I also didn't realize how much I needed one until recently. Yup. It works quite well actually, they line up almost perfectly. It looks a bit whack but it stands out at least...
  17. I apologize if my lack of gas block or internal wires offends the airsoft gods, I've tried to hide them for this (very bad) photo, now with 100% more front sight: This is hopefully what my gun should look like (sans the badly hidden wires) if I can get my friend to tuck the wires in and set me up for a buffer tube lipo.
  18. It's a BSA red dot of some kind, barely worth the materials used to make it. It's actually more for looks in this photo, skirmishing it just adds pointless heft when even moderate lighting can make it difficult to see the dot. Basically this. Nevermind figuring out how to fit it with my wonderful track record of technical work...
  19. No. Why would I need one? It's zeroed in well enough, another sight would be frivilous for how little it actually adds to my aiming...
  20. *sniff* yup...I don't have the means to buy an expensive set of MBUS sights.
  21. Micro red dot it is. The grip is the absolute least comfortable part, especially without gloves, followed closely by the stock - for now the VFG "works" though I end up holding the thing like it's an AFG anyway. Like I said, I'm thinking of getting a Magpul MOE/CTR/whatever stock and maybe some rail covers. Think I should get the furniture in black or OD? Worried that OD might clash with my tan vest and hat/helmet... EDIT: What about foliage? Thinking it would look good with my ABU uniform.
  22. Unfortunately, the way my friend temporarily fixed the wiring it's kind of permanently stuck outside the gun until it can be rear-wired (I don't have a way to separate the wires so it can go inside the barrel/delta ring assembly). Also, the URX turned out to be too tight to get wires in there anyhow, so I'm pretty much out of luck for now. I have a catapult sight but it looks kind of bad with the RDS.
  23. VFC M4, now with 100% more beta project pmag: Anyone got some ideas? Right now I want to get an Eotech or a micro red dot and a tango down battlegrip or some such thing. Ideas on the table also include an OD or black Magpul setup, similar to Mr. Costa in Leon's signature up there.
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