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  1. I'd repaint the entire thing with Krylon or Rust-Oleum khaki. The ACM "tan" tends to be too bright, in my experience.


    I've got Rustoleum camo, khaki and brown.


    Would a flat repaint job do the trick? I sprayed the khaki onto my VFC's LE stock, which used to be jet black, and it's still friggin' bright.

  2. adadqgg, it may not be "monstrous" but it's certainly respectable.


    I think you may have received a bit of a lemon. Between my personal VFC M4, a teammates' VFC M4, and a 3rd and 4th that I handled at a game today, not a single one had the issue with resetting the hopup *or* the remarkably short range that you were achieving. Each of them was getting a much more respectable 175ish feet of effective range. My personal M4 went for 2 years without a single internal failure while being run on an 11.1v 20c lipo at 27 RPS, and chrono'd out of the box at 390 FPS +/- 5.


    That having been said, thanks for the well-written review.


    I've not really had any internal failures other than strangley-behaving hop up. Again, maybe my reach was a little better than I thought and the sheer openness of some areas just exacerbated the issues of people already constantly murdering me with superior range...


    This gun performed very average out of the box from what I could tell, though. What the heck.


    Are you sure your inner barrel is installed correctly? My VFC SR-635, which is shooting .20g BBs at 340 FPS can reach a verified 180 feet with .25s through the 7" barrel that it has.




    My heart just sank...as far as I know it's fine.

  3. This is probably my first real review, so my apologies if I fail hard at this.


    VFC M4A1 E-Series: Long Term Review




    I picked this thing up nearly a year ago from a local shop, and it just begs to be reviewed. Most reviews people seem to do on the day of or very shortly after they receive the weapon, with only an occasional blurb, if any at all, to give a status update on the item after much use. Thus, I've given my weapon of choice some additional time to see how it would play out in the longer term.


    Real Steel History


    In the early 90s, a Cult realized 10 inch barrels don't make good platforms for launching particularly small methods of hot death and, after enlisting the help of Santa, Magpul, and Chuck Norris, invented the M4 for the aspiring middle eastern conflict. They quickly realized it still sucked because there was no way to tack hundreds of useless attachments onto it, nor was three rounds per trigger pull on the burst fire setting a substitute for poor trigger control, and thus the M4A1 and it's A3-style flat top were born. Today they've replaced nearly every last true battle rifle, and the military continues to wonder why a short commando rifle with limited range and power is unable to function sufficiently in the capacity of an M16. It has, despite it's shortcomings, become one of the coolest non-peasant soldier weapons of all time.


    First impressions


    This was my first, and since then only, "high" tier gun; my others consisted of of two ACMs and a Classic Army sportline (word of warning: this review is not about them, but please, for your own good, AVOID THE CLASSIC ARMY SPORTLINES). As you can imagine, I was impressed.


    When I unboxed it, this is what I laid eyes on (gun on the bottom, too lazy to crop it right now):




    In this picture, as horrible quality as it is, you can still see the difference between my sportline and the VFC: while the sportline has a "realistic" finish similar to a Colt gray, borderline bluish, the VFC has a hue a lot more like many of the ubiquitous civilian ARs commonly found in America: a very nice matte black that was neither too shiny nor too flat. It almost hurt to paint over the stock later on because of how nice it looked. Not the most realistic finish, but it blows most other guns' externals out of the water by far; Even when it was mostly plain it caught the attention of a few, in a sea of G&Gs and Classic Armies.


    Upon lifting it out of the box, I was surprised to find that it was not very heavy at all. While heavier than my plastic sportline, which can be nearly fired like a pistol with one hand, it was not much moreso. The body is aluminum and the gun is very pointable out of the box. You can feel that the thing is not cheap, but they run almost the same price as other competitors who cannot lay claim to this level of eyecandy.


    As far as ergonomics go, it's mostly the same as your run of the mill M4. The main difference is that the pistol grip is thinner than most, identical to a real M4 grip's thickness. This is the only perceivable difference from any other M4 on the outside.


    Out of the Box Performance


    For people outside the US, this gun may not be safe for your limits. While not the screaming 400+ FPS of many ACMs, this thing was still shooting an average of 365 out of the box, and I recently had to have it downgraded to accomodate a new MOUT field's lower limit.


    I never really did a formal test due to laziness and not really having much room to do so in my backyard, but this gun has proven to be accurate to roughly 120 feet with ideally adjusted hop-up and .25s. Not stellar, really, considering most other players seemed to be doing this easily (may have just been the type of field I was at with huge open areas that make you feel pathetic). The rate of fire on a 9.6v is excellent and is more than good enough for anyone. At the end of the day the range is average and won't matter unless your field is semi-only like most of ours are.


    Contrary to what some people would tell you, the internals on these are fine as long as you take care of the gun. My main complaints with it are wiring and the bolt release/dust cover. There is an automotive type fuse in the handguard, and it was easily damaged irreparably and needed to be removed. Furthermore, as cool as it is to have a functional bolt release, it resets your hop up for some reason when you hit it; this leaves the bolt constantly stuck open, and since the dust cover tends to get stuck open as well, you will have a constantly exposed hop up that can get BBs, dust, water, and no telling what else in it unless you reset it all the time. Plus, if you absent-mindedly smack it in the middle of a firefight, you'll find yourself unable to hit anyone because your hop up went bye-bye.


    Battle Reports


    The negatives on this gun were highly exaggerated early on.


    To be honest, our most popular fields are packed with mostly professional teams and good players (and consequently lots of $$$ dumped into upgrades). This, combined with semi-only and/or a severe lack of cover at two of four main venues is frequently problematic for people like me. At first I thought this gun was a piece of junk because I never really could hit anyone with it no matter what I did; when I realized what was causing my gun to not work well, got into closer quarters after fixing it, and forced them to engage within my own range, this changed fast.


    Again, while not amazing with stock range, it does what it needs to on semi and gets the job done; I can't speak for automatic because we don't usually have that here. Don't make my mistake; many of the early issues that exaggerated how fail I thought this gun was were because of accidentally resetting my hop up with the bolt catch, thinking it was just a neat little function that did nothing.


    I've had it upgraded and even in my backyard the thing was showing good signs of improvement. I'll write up some actual tangible info after the operation coming up here or if I skirmish again before then, and hopefully continue reporting on functionality.


    The gun now:






    Maybe this review was absolutely useless to you. My anaylsis so far is this: as a stock AEG for it's price range, I'd give it a 7 or 8 out of 10 because it has some design flaws that, while avoidable if I had actually known about them or been a little more careful, were completely unnecessary to begin with and made much of my experience a slamming headache. When I figured out what was wrong and got my gun to finally work properly, though, this gun redeemed itself for me and performed well. If you're looking for a base to start a typical assault AEG, this one should do just fine over a CA and will perform the same if not better at a good price point; you are not buying a 200 foot-reaching, 30 RPS, 400 FPS monstrosity. It is no G&P, but it is good for what it is, and from the looks of things a couple inexpensive but quality upgrades produced a fine weapon.


    I would recommend it even on the gorgeous factor alone as long as you aren't expecting a beast out of the box and learn from my mistakes before you fall into the same traps.


    Ehhhh lets not.... Needs more Pakol and chest rig... ;)


    Pakols only work at a distance. When they get up close they realize you aren't Afghani. In this picture it doesn't matter if I have a hat or not, it'd be covered up with the hood (which is meant to hide my features and keep me from being identified).


    This kit is more of a "the SHTF just happened" kind of thing.

  5. Sideways handguard?


    Indeed. I've seen a photo of a real operator doing it (it was from the 80s or 90s I think). No idea why he did that, but it grips better with them sideways.


    I'd have posed with my primary instead of my somewhat less cool backup but it's in the shop...


    a little longer spent clearing the *suitcase* from your room would have gone a long way, :bleh:


    try setting the cameras timer so we can actually see the gear, from what i can make out it looks like a good effort, maybe pics in the garden next time.


    and maybe wearing that little purple hat lol :bleh:


    It was so late at night, even if I did want to clean it, I wouldn't have had time to take the photo (and I'd already been busy and couldn't take a loadout photo before then, my patience was wearing out; couldn't be bothered to fuss with background details).


    I'll look into the purple hat though :)


    Plus I think your mirror's really messing with the perspective of the photo, I thought your chest of drawers was behind you but it's actually in front of you... it's like an Escher painting and it's freaking me out a bit lol.


    It is kind of off now that you mention it...


    Out of interest, what optic do you have on that M4?


    My red dot is just some cheapo BSA one standing in until I can get a more realistic one. I'd use a fakepoint if I had the money for a knockoff. This one barely even works outdoors if the sun happens to be up even in the next continent over, so it's more for looks (and I may sack it for actual games). It's kind of cool to look at, though.


    Here's some artistic license, meant to look sort of like one of those "deep cover" CIA/CAG/Green Beret things. So, we'll just call it "early Afghan undercover CAG impression."




    I'm so Tier Negative One, I don't even wear shoes to war.

  7. I would be very surprised if there were a single XM177 in stock on any US airsoft seller's website. G&P is very poorly distributed in the US, and usually only the commonest of their AEGs make in here. Or rather: when a new gun comes out, a few of them make it to the US in one initial batch, but once they're sold out, they're never replenished, leaving only the commonest offerings. I believe that Evike is technically the importer and/or distributor for G&P in the US--perhaps one reason why they're so poorly distributed.


    If you want one, you have to bite the bullet and look at the HK sites.


    Of course, the situation is very different in the UK...


    Is there an advantage to ordering from a UK site over one in HK? Disadvantage?


    Thanks for the input.

  8. Sorry if this doesn't really belong here but I don't want to waste it on a new thread. Reposting because the last time it got overshadowed by huge pictures of sexy guns...




    Would any of you fine gentlemen know where I could find a G&P XM177 in the US? Nobody seems to stock them (except for Evike which is always out of stock) but I don't know enough retailers to say I've had a thorough search of the country. Would like to avoid Hong Kong deals if at all possible. Also, what would be a preferred model, the E1 or the E2? One costs a considerable amount more than the other.

  9. Howdy.


    Would any of you fine gentlemen know where I could find a G&P XM177 in the US? Nobody seems to stock them (except for Evike which is always out of stock) but I don't know enough retailers to say I've had a thorough search of the country. Would like to avoid Hong Kong deals if at all possible. Also, what would be a preferred model, the E1 or the E2? One costs a considerable amount more than the other.

  10. A bit late, but I figured it was best to reply. Better late than never.


    What's up with the blue jeans team?


    It was royalist guardsmen versus civilian rebels at that op. I elected to join the rebels, who were required to wear civvie clothes.


    Maybe they´re reenacting some civilians special ops.... or private security contractors...


    Well, not really special ops. Just civilian forces in general.

  11. Operation "Fall of Pharaoh" - Fresno, California. Not my photos, credits go to Matt Almaguer, AKA Spitfire...


    In every picture here, in the helmet, green jacket, blue jeans and tan vest. Seen here at the far left on the dune with members of Team Knight & others:




    Far left:






    Far left thrice (I think God is trying to tell me something):





  12. So, after some DIY work that ended with mixed results...


    Alas, my Echo1 MA6A4, trying to look like a dumbed-down SPR. He gets second banana now, a stock that looks strange on it, and a ghetto workaround for all those dangling wires I had after moving the stock:




    My true love (in weaponry, anyway), the VFC M4 - now 20% more tacticool carbine with the addition of my Echo1's full stock:




    Next up we'll see about them RISes. No Stoner is complete without tricked out rails.



  13. Hm, for me it looks not really kinda special forces. Helmet looks completly wrong. To the photo itself i´ld say make a full picture of yourselfe- including your legs etc. :P And more light would also be good.


    I was thinking US Special Forces. Seen a photo or two...sometimes they do look kind of like that. Yes, the helmet is bad, it was just laying around - trying to get a MICH 2000 to complete the loadout.


    My legs were just plain multicam BDU pants. Not even a drop-leg holster to make them look sexy for this little picture..:P


    The picture was taken at night. It was as bright as my ceiling light can get...

  14. Well, here I am, in my room. In all my not really glory:




    Trying really hard to look like a Special Forces sort of guy. Yes, I realize the helmet is Vietnam era and in Woodland. None of my other headgear really made any sense at all apart from this one...looking into getting a replica MICH helmet, and then I'll be set to go.

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