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  1. Not much to see here, bad quality picture, but oh well. VFC M4:
  2. I was thinking US Special Forces. Seen a photo or two...sometimes they do look kind of like that. Yes, the helmet is bad, it was just laying around - trying to get a MICH 2000 to complete the loadout. My legs were just plain multicam BDU pants. Not even a drop-leg holster to make them look sexy for this little picture.. The picture was taken at night. It was as bright as my ceiling light can get...
  3. Well, here I am, in my room. In all my not really glory: Trying really hard to look like a Special Forces sort of guy. Yes, I realize the helmet is Vietnam era and in Woodland. None of my other headgear really made any sense at all apart from this one...looking into getting a replica MICH helmet, and then I'll be set to go.
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