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  1. Thats a sweet kit MRK, as always. Havent heard from you in awhile. Promotional photo for an upcoming event (why I forgot my magazine).
  2. It is the S&S mount...it is real nice but I agree not worth the money the are asking. I paid $80 I believe, and it is worth that.
  3. That looks badass. Black is such a terrible color for a helmet..but it just looks so right on those oldschool 2002s.
  4. Relevant bits; Brian: Crye Airframe w/ANVIS - the light that is glowing is a G2 w an IR bulb LBT 6094 Slick w/Mayflower BFG Soc-C belt (could have left it off honestly but it was fine - I had it mostly to have pouch for ANVIS) Mars: MICH 2002 w/Wilcox L3G10 and ANVS-MA (that SightOwl Gen2+ PVS14) Paraclete Concealment RAV Carrier TT 2 Piece MAV w/Paraclete Pouches It was also kind of wet (had rained all day so ground and grass was soaked, didnt rain during).
  5. FWIW, it might look silly but it doesnt have any less protection than any other plate carrier out there as long as you use the same plates. An LBT 6094 with the same plates in it will look like it protects more but it doesnt.
  6. Crye Airframe with Crye cover.
  7. I have owned three Mayflower LPAAC and currently have the slick version. I dont really think either are comparable to a JPC as you are comparing a vest to a plate carrier. I absolutely agree - each has its own place; you have to decide what you are going to wear by the "threat" level. Also, I have worn my JPC for 3-4 hours at a time twice (with plates) and it was fine. I dont mean to come off as a Crye apologist because I am not, but for the price I think the JPC is an absolutely killer deal.
  8. I want to know what the deal with that guys helmet cover is.
  9. I think $250 for the JPC is an outstanding deal honestly. The LBT 6094 retails for what, $330? And the Mayflower APC is $255 - it is far better than both in my opinion. Besides, if you really wanted compare the two you would need to add another $30 for the kangaroo pouch - which is built in on the JPC.
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