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  1. I was just wondering if a regular AK receiver was compatible with the AKSU front end...


    I don't have access to a machine shop or welding tools.


    do you think an LCT X47 receiver for a Marui is pot metal???

  2. wow very cool - I tried to get an aimpoint micro to co-witness with the sights but no luck - I had the DYTAC "co-witness" version and I still couldn't place the reticule on target :headbutt:


    hence why I'm asking about the EoTech.

  3. Hope I'm posting this in the right forum, I've contacted a couple of well-known custom manufacturers and they all seem to be offline/busy at the moment...


    I am in the market for a custom MOLLE MP7 holster in OD that can securely hold the gun with an aimpoint micro sight attached to it as well as a silencer. I am also looking for a MOLLE MP7 mag pouch that holds 2 40 round mags in three pouches. I found these examples online at another forum, and I have an MP7 with sight and a similar WGC holster ready to ship to you in case you need to take measurements.








    Please PM me if you are interested.

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