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  1. I've had mine for maybe a year now. I really like them, the are water proof(tested in snow), light(I got the 6 inch), and durable. I did end up changing the soles in mine too, but thats just preference. The only down fall is they are really slick on wet rocks.
  2. A kydex m4 mag holder I made up today(it was scrap kydex that's why it isn't fancy).
  3. That paint job is hot. Great lid
  4. I dont like painted handguns......but that is hot.
  5. Lowa Zephyr mid GTX desert tan. Great pair of boots.
  6. The pistol pouche is Ferro concepts.
  7. Some old picture but fit this topic pretty well. The first picture were taken at a different time the the other two. Me sleeping in like under freezeing tempature with not very warm clotheing. Me playing in -15 degree windchill. (fun) Another from that day.
  8. worstbullet


    Dang that is hot!
  9. Looks good dude. Also like the editing to the picture.
  10. Sorry for the double post, but what kind of mags are those CKinnerley?
  11. "> My M4. It's tan/brown but my camera isn't the best so it didn't pick it up very good.
  12. ">"> "> My Mich 2000. I need to get a nvg mount, so i made one the holds my head lamp for now
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