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    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    On this subject, apologies for the delay in any refunds. This is not the normal case and we do try and process any refunds immediately. Looking into this you ordered at 9.56 on 28/03/13 then an email from you to cancel was on 28/03/13 at 11.43. The payment was never committed from LWA so any refund may have been caused by a delay in the banking over a holiday weekend. No email was ever received on the Tuesday which is why there was no reply. If in doubt and you require a quick answer you can call us 0131 654 2452 You ordered your goods on a bank holiday weekend, I cannot understand why this is our fault that you could not have a Saturday delivery when we do not control the courier delivery dates. In short I do not believe LWA has failed at all for this order. I am sorry you feel wronged but we simply cannot control the courier delivery holidays. Regards Scott LWA

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