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    C3 Tactical are hosting a series of specialist sniper only events over the next few months and this is the first. Numerous two man sniper teams will be competing across of the full C3 Tactical site, vieing for the top place on our 'C3 Tactical Marksman' leader board. Stealth, cunning and forward planning will be essential in completing the various challenges and being victorious on the day. .............. The two man team will comprise of one sniper with his chosen rifle and side arm; we accept bolt actions up to 500 fps with a 10% bracket
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    You may not have known we were even away! After some planning nonsense we are back up and running which is as brilliant as the current sunshine! Go to our events page for more details and get yourself booked in.
  3. Patrick C3 Tactical

    C3 Tactical

    Some shots of a game last year in the snow and some general stuff of our current woodland site.
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