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  1. Xander Bolanos

    Stark-Arms/VFC Glock 19

    So get a vfc stark g19 or a ksc guarder g19
  2. Good info, I just think gbb when I think scar in airsoft
  3. Xander Bolanos

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    Nice shotty
  4. Xander Bolanos

    Videos Thread !

    The videos are missing
  5. Xander Bolanos

    SIG Picture Thread

    Just my 2 guarder sigs If anyone has a spare take down lever for a tm p226 they can sell, stock or aftermarket I will buy either, please pm me.
  6. Xander Bolanos

    SIG Picture Thread

    no just the frame but I got a guarder outer barrel seperate and it just needs lube to work properly and sanding the contact points on the hop up assembly
  7. Xander Bolanos

    SIG Picture Thread

    I just built a guarder 2010 kit and besided filing and sanding the blowback, fitting the slide to frame was the only other time consuming thing. I had a issue with spring in my valve knocker being crushed but thats my fault for not installing it back correctly. Otherwise the build was simple and easy to do. This was my first gbb build ever so that says something in itself.
  8. Xander Bolanos

    SIG Picture Thread

    For sure your pic made me remember sorry I'm not good with names. I figured I'd try a sliver frame with black controls since I saw yours with polished parts and wanted to try a different version. This is getting Dura Coated so the finish will be stronger and stay nice even after being a skirmish pistol
  9. Xander Bolanos

    SIG Picture Thread

    I don't know what kit you have but this is the guarder 2010 mbk and AEX Airsoft Extreme in California has them in stock. As soon as I get it working I'm getting it duracoated, I like the color but the finish scratches easily and I don't want that

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