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  1. Looking into the MP5K version, there are a lot of different numbers listed as to how many rounds the shorter K mags actually hold. I've seen the K advertised as coming with either a 26 round mag, or a 15 round mag (and KYAirsoft actually says 20!). Have there been two different versions released, ie an updated MP5K since the initial 26 round mag, but now with a newer 15 round mag? Spare K mags appear mostly listed on several websites as only being 15 rounds, so are there 2 different versions of the K mag? Anybody bought any recently? How many do they actually hold? I'm aware o
  2. Thanks guys. All my older videos no longer display the preview screen either and it's hit and miss these days whether the latest ones do or don't. Appreciated.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWQIiXkoing No idea why the image isn't displaying *sigh*
  4. Took me ages to remove Miley Cyrus from this picture, before I could add myself in, lol.
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