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  1. Ryaw

    WE MP5k "Apache" - Initial Impressions.

    Looking into the MP5K version, there are a lot of different numbers listed as to how many rounds the shorter K mags actually hold. I've seen the K advertised as coming with either a 26 round mag, or a 15 round mag (and KYAirsoft actually says 20!). Have there been two different versions released, ie an updated MP5K since the initial 26 round mag, but now with a newer 15 round mag? Spare K mags appear mostly listed on several websites as only being 15 rounds, so are there 2 different versions of the K mag? Anybody bought any recently? How many do they actually hold? I'm aware of the longer 45 round open front and 30 round closed front mags. Thanks.
  2. Ryaw

    Videos Thread !

    Thanks guys. All my older videos no longer display the preview screen either and it's hit and miss these days whether the latest ones do or don't. Appreciated.
  3. Ryaw

    Videos Thread !

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWQIiXkoing No idea why the image isn't displaying *sigh*
  4. Ryaw

    Videos Thread !

    Took me ages to remove Miley Cyrus from this picture, before I could add myself in, lol.
  5. Ryaw

    Videos Thread !

    [media] [/media]
  6. Ryaw

    Videos Thread !


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