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    Spec Ops Airsoft is proud to present the next instalment in the BADLANDS saga... "The Raid". BADLANDS is an action packed insight into a dark future, in which two opposing forces fight a bitter civil war for control of the British Isles. The Imperialist BUF (British Unionist Force) fight the FPM (Free People's Movement) rebels in their struggle for total domination. For both sides, the only acceptable outcome is the complete elimination of the other. The sequal to the hugely succesful BADLANDS: THE ROCK, which featured in Airsoft Action magazine, this event has the largest pyrotechnic
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    This year, Spec Ops Airsoft has teamed up with Redwolf airsoft (Yes. THE Redwolf airsoft!) to bring you a weekender of truly EPIC proportions! Set in a post apocalyptic future, where the remnants of an imperialist regime battle against rebels and bandits for control of resources, locations, and the hearts and minds of a dwindling population. This is definitely not one to miss! Redwolf will be bringing their full display show/shop for all you lucky boys and girls to have a look at their kit and chat to their staff, which is an amazing opportunity in itself! More details will be posted o
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    DATE: May 27th - 30th SITUATION: For five years now, the once peaceful province of Portlandia has been the site of a proxy war fought between the People's Democratic Republic of Weymouth (PDRW) and the Commonwealth of Dorsetia (COMDOR). So far, the two nations have been using PMC's, black ops teams and local insurgent forces to further their own goals in the region. However, as diplomatic relations have broken down the two nations are now mobilizing the forces. The PDRW and the Commonwealth are now on the brink of all-out war. Taking advantage of the situation, a small revolutio
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