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  1. I personally like the CA better, I had a full sized CA Sr25 and it was way to big, so the compact 25K seems to be more manageable. Good review.
  2. Good review, but I still don't understand how the stock works. Oh well I don't think I will be getting one though.
  3. Doc Fuller


    Mil stuff
  4. Awesome review. How hard was it to mount that UBR stock? Did you need an adapter? -Doc
  5. Great review! I have wanted to do a Nam kit, I may just be looking for a G&P now. Thanks, -Doc
  6. TM M-14 cut down to scout. Had her sold her and am trying now to replace her....
  7. Navy Corpsman loaded for another mission with USMC EOD(missing my M16 and med bag).
  8. Ok so I got wood, Big woop......LOL!! Nice Krink Bro, -Doc
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