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  1. Doc Fuller

    Initial Impressions of the TM SOPMOD M4 AEG

    Good review, but I still don't understand how the stock works. Oh well I don't think I will be getting one though.
  2. Doc Fuller


    Mil stuff
  3. Doc Fuller

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

  4. Doc Fuller

    M14 Picture Thread

    TM M-14 cut down to scout. Had her sold her and am trying now to replace her....
  5. Doc Fuller

    AK & Variants Picture Thread

    Ok so I got wood, Big woop......LOL!! Nice Krink Bro, -Doc
  6. Doc Fuller

    What's your backup?

    Use o be a USP, then a WA 1911, and now itis AK74SU.. The field I will be playing at has some crazy rules for outside FPS and inside FPS, so looks like I will be humping 2 primaries. -Doc

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