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    Not so many airsoft guns anymore, but a whole bunch of Force FX lightsaber replicas and other Star Wars collectibles.
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    Airsoft, firearms, archery, ice hockey (and sports in general), Star Wars (especially lightsabers!), Star Trek, PC games, movies.<br /><br />To be honest, even chairsofting bores me nowadays.
  1. I´m beginning to miss my old 6mm Marushin M500 I sold out few months ago, but looks like there´s a viable budget version now available. Great review, Guinness!
  2. My Rubies Supreme Edition Darth Vader helmet (acquired about a week ago):
  3. Wow, dave! Not bad at all! If there only was a Commander sized 1911 GBB like that...
  4. Yeah, I´d like to see those too. It´s interesting, not too many Hongkong retailer even stocks them. For example, I haven´t seen that silver "Professional" model anywhere, not WGC, not DEN, not Guns´n´Guys... Altough it´s been on J-Armory "section" at WA´s website for some time already.
  5. That´s a bit dangerous thing to write on these forums nowadays, since generally there seems to be a near-religious following for TM GBBs. If you dare to write that some other made GBB is better, you could end up seriously flamed... Nah, seriously. Great pics, al3x! I wish KSC made a two-tone version with "silver" slide soon, to make all us badboy/jackbauer fans happy. And after that, extend the P22X series into compact GBBs, such as P229R.
  6. Here´s three sabers from my collection: An Anakin ROTS converted to cyan luxeon (with UltraSabers DIY kit) and couple of Darth Maul TPMs on the side. Mauls are still stock. What´s missing from this picture is my Mace ROTS, and in couple of weeks I should receive a rare Anakin AOTC EL. After my vacation I´ll put a Luke ROTJ on order, since I don´t have a green bladed saber in my collection yet.
  7. Ledpocket, those WE slide-frame combos are awesome! Hmmm, maybe if WE got their smaller 1911s out in silver finish, I might consider buying one or two of them...
  8. Guns´n´Guys also seem to have it in stock. http://www.gunsnguys.com -> Handguns -> KSC
  9. I´d like to read about further impressions too! Also, it´s been a couple of months already since this gun was released, has anyone spotted a KWA/Taiwanese version (whichever designation you prefer) yet? Or upgrade/reinforcement parts? All I´ve read is that KM is coming with a tightbore for KSC P226R, but that´s pretty much it so far.
  10. Very nice review, Pete. Finally someone has something to write about the KSC version. It´s a bit shame though, how little these higher end GBBs get attention in these forums nowadays. Unless it´s either a Marui piece or a cheapo-full-pot-metal Taiwanese clone, it gets too easily bashed -without much actual thought.
  11. I usually prefer a matching pair of GBBs when dual gunning, but since the GBB market nowadays is such boring, I haven´t yet found a brace which would suit my taste well enough. And since lots of guys have posted their "odd couples" here as well, here goes mine: Old & new, Ebony & Ivory. Sorry about the low quality image, the poor lighting in my apartment combined with my cheapo camera aren´t exactly helpful in the art of photographing...
  12. I assume you´re refering to the Guns´n´Guys price of MGC P7M13 Comp? Ahem, that´s HKD, Hongkong dollars... That´s about 320 USD, at current XE.com rate. 1 HKD = 0.128586 USD (14th Jul 06).
  13. That´s comforting, thanks! I´ll stand by and wait for the silver version!
  14. Very nice review! One thing, how would you comment the balance of this 4.3 version? I mean, most HiCapa derivatives (even full length versions) have awful balance, thanks to their fat & heavy magazine. You can even place some guns on a table top and they stand nicely still just on their magazine floorplate... Plus carrying such an imbalanced gun in regular hip holster can be a menace. I was wondering how this shorter version feels?
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