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  1. lacanuck24

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    Could anyone help me out. I need to see the parts diagram on the manual. I sold my ERG to a friend a little while back and he recently broke the cut-off lever on the gear box. I need to know the part number so I can email shops and KWA to get the part. Unfortunately KWA's proshop hasn't added the RM4 as far as I can see.
  2. Just got my Angry Gun side saddle. Only had a few minutes to install before going to work. Shells slide in nicely, feels like enough retention for movement but need to do a hard shake test doing my best Hulk impersonation later. They move if bumped but so far so good. Scuse the crappy photos. Time and the sun weren't playing nice with me
  3. could you share links for the "how to's." I've only seen video reviews. I had to assemble mine when I first got it but am dredding when I get a new pump handle or god forbid any internal servicing haha
  4. Has anyone managed to fit a PWS SRX rail extension to their SCAR? Mine's been sitting there for months since I found that it needs a different mounting block.
  5. Awwwwwwwwe Yeah! Am I blind or was there no release date info? I've got months till I can use my shotty again, but I'm gettting antsy in the pantsy for this handle.
  6. Tokyo Model Company has the body pins, tube extension, sling mount, and rail attachment all in stock. I haven't checked other retailers yet though. TMC seems to get things pretty quickly or at least posts them online faster than anybody, but it should only be a matter of days before other shops list them on their websites
  7. Sadly I've put my 870 to rest for the winter. But on the other hand, I need this right meow!!!
  8. lacanuck24

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    Has anyone else been experiencing velocity fluctuations of +/- 20fps and accuracy inconsistency?
  9. Was wondering more if there is anything off the shelf that might work since I have difficulty communicating with the locals
  10. So to get back on topic more bout the gun than the gas, what are people using or thinking about using as a feed tube extension? I'm itching to make it longer and I know viagra isn't the answer.
  11. This would be the perfect justification for a buffer-tube style collapsible stock with a cylindrical gas tank!!! But a bummer for needing to use the oddly shaped tank for the full stock. Where can we get some of that magic metal Wolverine is made from, that ought to hold up. I was in paintball for a number of years and have seen burst disks, carbon fiber compressed air tanks, and steel braid hoses all blow up. The fact that these tanks aren't holding up well to even a bit of over pressure or heat is way more than disconcerting. Plus the girlfriend will never let me live it down if the tank explodes and totally ruins my security deposit.
  12. be sure to tune into my new website www.lame.com Can't a believe the tank can only support 134 (has this been confirmed by anyone?). Lets pray that someone else makes a reinforced tank real soon. Screw buying another marui one till this is solved. At least the winter is coming and I have to put away my gas guns anyway
  13. I've left my tank filled for about a week and its definitely flexing/expanding the same. The body pins are recessed, no longer flush with the body. Guess its time to contact Tokyo Model Company and see if Marui will do something about it. I've only used the gun once so I' pretty bummed about this. Hope everyone else has luck in getting a new tank, pretty lame that I'd have to by another tank for a brand new gun
  14. lacanuck24

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    Fantastic gun so far, but then again I've only messed with it at home Side by side next to my Marui CQB-R the recoil was definitely much more substantial. Feels better than my MP7, almost the same as when I shot a KSC AK74gbb. I installed a Firefly nub and am getting FPS fluctuations, wondering how everyone else is doing with stock nubs? I'm consistent for 5-8 shots then jumps about 15-20fps. I need some advice on lowering FPS. Since the gun uses a shorter and heavier spring has anyone seen any aftermarket springs for it, or recommendations on how many coils to cut. I need it shooting 330 max with a .2 for the local rules, or else I'm restricted to semi like its a GBB. I tried a normal m100 without thinking at first, gave me 330 with a .2, but when I switched to .25 I got 280. I'm assuming its probably not smart to run a standard length AEG spring. I tried an M100 spring made for Marui ebb's and it shot 180fps haha, oh ad burst fired on semi. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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